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Starting Over, chapter 5 by Soviet-Superwoman Starting Over, chapter 5 by Soviet-Superwoman
Continued from:

Walkiria and Soviet Superwoman's penthouse apartment,
Angel Falls, USA


The entire meeting was going awkwardly. The Soviet Valkyrie had known it had to happen sooner or later, she just had hoped upon hope it would have been later. As she had been re-entering the Earth's atmosphere, returning from disposing of the Iron Chancellor's nuclear warhead, they had been waiting for her. Walkiria, her Возлюбленная, so full of passion and fury...and her younger version from the past, the Soviet Superwoman as she had called herself for so long. O.D.I.N. or one of the Guardians must have picked either her or the rocket and relayed the information to the both of them. There was an incredibly tense few moments when they all locked eyes, hovering high above Angel Falls. Olga herself was unsure what would happen next. The last time she had seen either of them it was when she was literally beating her past self to a bloody pulp in front of her lover. Cooler heads prevailed and now the three amazons found themselves back inside Maia and the Soviet Superwoman's penthouse apartment, simply looking at each other. The younger Olga with a mixture of confusion and anger, Maia with simply the later. The red-haired ex-marine jabbed a green-gloved finger at the Valkyrie.

"You've got some God-damned explaining to do," she began, in a sharp, low tone, "starting with why you tried to fucking kill yourself two years ago!"

"I did not have a choice Maia!" Soviet Valkyrie snapped back, "I had to stop a future where everyone was dead, a future where you were dead...everyone I knew and loved killed by Ilsa Hauppman, or rather by my inability to kill that bitch the dozens of times I had the chance. I did not know where she was hiding at the time any more than my past version did. I was sent back to the wrong time and I had to make a hard decision. I chose to sacrifice myself to save all of those countless lives."

"No, you chose to sacrifice Olga," Maia snarled taking a step towards her, "who didn't know a damned thing about your future and wasn't responsible for what happened there, no matter how much you justify it."

"My inaction...her inaction is what led to all those deaths...all that suffering. Without her..."

"Without her your future might have been even worse given all the shit she's prevented and will still prevent from happening." Maia retorted, cutting her off, "Let's call it what it was: you felt responsible for my death and rather than blaming the parties responsible you blamed yourself."

The Valkyrie was about to respond when the Soviet Superwoman cut her off.

"Stop it, both of you. I will tell you what I told you then Valkyrie: I am not an executioner and I will never give up, especially not after seeing what I would become if I did either."

"It is so easy for you to judge me, is it not Olga," The Valkyire said, "not having seen what I have seen. To look on you I was so damned naive and so damned full of ideals. I wish I could have stayed like that, wrapped up in my own ignorance forever, but it is not to be. Just because my timeline is over does not mean the future will be any easier on you. The Iron Chancellor has returned, Ilsa Hauppman is still alive and you will be faced with loss and pain. You will have to make the hard choices yourself and live with your mistakes."

"That is what it is like every day for all of us." Soviet Superwoman said calmly, folding her arms across her chest "No-one knows what is in store for us in this life. All we can do is strive to do our best each and every day and to make each moment count. That is all I have ever done. I have made poor decisions and have felt terrible know this more than anyone, but I would not change any of it. All of my choices have led me to where I am right now, right here."

"Everyone except your future self apparently." Walkiria said, leaning on a nearby table. "She knows exactly what's in store for us."

"I wish I did." The Valkyrie said, shaking her head to the sides, "After stopping the Chancellor's nuclear attack on the city my memories have become murky and some are gone altogether. My actions altered this timeline and I no longer have the same level of foresight."

"So you are just like us now, more or less, having to make decisions based on what is in your heart and not what you know is coming." Soviet Superwoman said softly.

The red-visor of the Soviet Valkyrie turned to look at Olga and nodded for a moment before responding. "Yes."

There was another bout of awkward silence before Maia finally chuckled a single laugh, causing both Russian women to look in her direction. Maia looked over at the Soviet Superwoman and shrugged.

"I have to admit Olga," she began, "despite everything you get put through you end up with a pair of killer legs!"

Everyone laughed for a moment with the Soviet Valkyrie turning slightly red in the cheeks.

"Thank you my Возлюбленная," she replied, a single tear trickling down from the corner of her eye, "I have waited a lifetime to hear your laugh again."

Maia smiled warmly before looking away towards Soviet Superwoman. She started at her wife and lover for a long few seconds before looking back at the older version of Olga.

"Olga...Valkyire, you know I can't leave my wife. I can't love you. I don't know you. You may have the same name and be similar to Olga in so many ways...but your life turned out so different. You aren't the same person. I don't want there to be any confusion and I...I don't mean to hurt you. It's just..."

The Soviet Valkyrie took a few quick steps forward and embraced Walkiria tightly, wrapping her fingers around her long mane of fiery hair. Soviet Superwoman took a half-step towards them both, reaching out a hand, but stopped just shy and stood nearby. Maia's gaze met her own for a moment over the Valkyrie's shoulder and she nodded her acceptance of the situation. Walkiria embraced her back, bringing a steady stream of choked sobs from the future version of her wife. The two women were intertwined for what seemed like an eternity before the Soviet Valkyrie let her go, taking a deep breath of her scents and stepped away.

"I understand my Возлюбленная, believe me I does not making it any easier on my heart, but I understand. The fact remains that you are safe and alive and very much happy. That is all I could hope for. A world with Walkiria in it is a better place for that."

The Valkyrie looked over at her younger self and smiled. "Take good care of her Olga. Love her and cherish her like each day could be the last."

Olga returned her smile. "You already know that I will. That is something no amount of time can take away. What will you do now?"

The Soviet Valkyrie turned and looked out over the cityscape of Angel Falls as she spoke her response to Olga's question. "I honestly do not know. This is all so awkward...perhaps I will return to Paris and watch over things there or return to a quiet life of farming and working the good earth. Staying here in Angel Falls...that is something I cannot do. This is your city and your future to create. I need to find my own."

"I wish you nothing but luck." Maia said sincerely. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry for all that you had to endure and go through. I hope you find some measure of peace."

The Soviet Valkyrie nodded at her words and turned, her cape sweeping behind her as she made her way back towards the stairs that led to the rooftop. As her hand touched the railing she turned and looked over at her younger self.

"Olga," she said quietly, "Come over here. There is one thing I have to tell you. Do not worry, it will not cause any temporal repercussions or anomalies if you know it."

The Soviet Superwoman glanced from the Valkyrie to Maia and back again before moving over next to her. The woman that she would have become in another time leaned over and whispered something softly in her ear. Something that made her smile and brought a tear to her eye. After imparting her knowledge, the Valkyrie turned and walked up onto the roof, taking flight into the darkening, twilight sky. Maia arched an eyebrow as Olga wiped the tears from her beaming face with her ebony gloved hands.

"What was it she told you?" Walkiria asked inquisitively.

Olga smiled and...

To be continued...



Absolutely amazing artwork commissioned by :iconmegaween: by my dear friend and patron :iconandrewr255:, without whom none of this would be possible. :D

Soviet-Superwoman, Ilsa Hauppman, the Iron Chancellor and the story are my creations.

Soviet Valkyrie was the brainchild of myself, :iconteri-minx: and :iconthatbumzzz:

Walkiria is the property of :iconteri-minx: and used here with permission.

This story takes place in :iconangel-fallsda:
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Stick-bag Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
Oh no, I'm not falling for this again. You've already tried to convince us that SV will be able to have a nice, quiet, peaceful life away from the hardships of Angel Falls before, then she got caught up with the Iron Chancellor and having to foil a nuclear strike. Well it's not going to work on me this time! No sir.
bolorny Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
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Yes! This was the chapter I've been waiting for.
Over the last few years I've grown disaffected with the habit in superheroes comic books to have character keeeping secrets and/or postponing the inevitable confrontation for dozens of issues, because they feel the need to keep that burden upon themselves only, until is too late. It looked good the first couple of times, but now I've grown tired of it.
I love this chapter because it goes in the opposite direction.
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Well Val Ogla could go back to Claire
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Well now that the Iron chancellors plans have been stopped the timeline for Valkyrie has been put in clean slate it seems. She can start over renewed.
I wonder what she told young Olga before she left but hopefully her life wont be filled with pian
Well done my dear
Great piece by megaween
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