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Starting Over, chapter 2 by Soviet-Superwoman Starting Over, chapter 2 by Soviet-Superwoman
Continued from: Starting Over, chapter 1 by Soviet-Superwoman


No matter how many times she had witnessed it, Ilsa Hauppman felt there was a certain beauty when the dimensional power roared to life and opened. The energy seemed almost fluid as it crackled and sparked, flowing and ebbing like a pool of sapphire water. It danced across it's titanium framework like liquid fire, yet it gave off no heat. There accompanied with it a sound when it activated as if someone had dropped a heavy object into the deepest part of the ocean. Whereas the dimensional portal, one of the crowning achievements of her scientific genius, was pleasing to her eyes and to her soul, the being stepping forth from it's depths was anything but. Hermann von Trotha, the Iron Chancellor...or what remained of him. Little more than a brain in a jar, the now cybernetic officer of the Third Reich walked out of the pool of energy, his heavy mechanical feet clanging on the steel steps as he entered the chamber. The blue energy disappeared behind him, pulling backwards as if it was retreating from his very presence. The gathering of soldiers inside the large chamber all facing the portal saluted the Iron Chancellor. Ilsa gave no salute, instead taking a step towards the man who was in the process of taking everything that was hers away from her. The guards that flanked her leveled their weapons on her. A hollow sound like laughter came from the Iron Chancellor as he stopped several feet from her and he motioned for the soldiers to lower their arms.

"At ease men, this one won't cause you any trouble, will you Ilsa?" von Trotha spoke in his electronic voice, the lights on his chest-plate illuminated as he did.

Before Ilsa had a chance to respond the Iron Chancellor cut her off sharply.

"I apologize, Reichsführer Hauppman. I promised not to take your imagined rank away from you."

"You're just taking everything else." Ilsa snorted coldly.

"Indeed," von Trotha spat back as he began to circle around the former leader of the Fourth Reich, "As you can see these men are loyal to me, some of them dating their military service back to the time of the struggle. Men I will add. Your gynocracy is over Ilsa. My soldiers, male or female will have no need to be controlled by chemical dependancy and false promises. They will be recruited and chosen based on their individual skills and talents, not on whether they have breasts."

Ilsa followed the cybernetic man with her cold, blue eyes as he walked past her and moved towards the large windows to the right of her.

"As you can see," the Iron Chancellor continued, "I am already in the process of moving our base of operations here, to Berlin. Berlin! How beautiful it is now! To rise from the ashes of defeat during Hitler's war and become the most powerful city in Europe in such a short time. Technologically advanced and glorious! I wonder why you hadn't set up your operations here in the first place Ilsa? Bah, no matter, we are here now and here we will stay. Like the hydra of legend we will have heads of operation stretching around the globe, bases with which to mount successful attacks, not the paltry few international operations you managed to keep in place."

"All I hear are brave words from a fool who has no idea what this dimension is like." the blonde haired woman snarled back.

"Oh but I do Ilsa! Don't forget that I have been watching and spying for some time now, not only through Skorzeny but others as well. I already have a veritable network of spies here chosen from the top ranks of the SS. Don't presume to lecture me on what I do and do not know you ignorant cunt! Remember your place now. If you remain in my good graces you will continue to be the public face of this organization. If not, then I am certain I can find a way to make your death useful to my designs."

"How dare you! I..."

The Chancellor reared back his hand and smashed the back of into her mouth hard, Ilsa's head reeled to the side and threw her off balance. The woman known as Genocide caught herself with her hand and knee, braking her fall. A thin trickle of blood streamed from her bruised lip. Von Trotha stood over her as she turned with her eyes wide and full of hatred.

"And what will you do? Transform into that hulking beast you've made yourself into?" The Chancellor growled down at her.

Ilsa stared at him for a moment more. If she could have slain him with her gaze she would have, such malice was in her that the guards surrounding her took a step away.

"No, I thought not. Not so long as I continue to have you injected with your own inhibitor serum. Perhaps one day I'll have need of your true form...and honestly Ilsa I prefer you in it. The sheer brutality, the clumsy brutish violence of it, the need to feel more masculine to your peers...yes I much prefer you as you are now. I am not a fool however and you will have no such chance to slip the leash I have placed on you until I say that you shall. Do we understand each other Ilsa?"

"I understand that one day I shall kill you...but not today."

The Chancellor chuckled at her statement and extended a hand to help her rise to her feet. "I accept your truthful response for the time being Ilsa. Now on to other business. We will be going to Angel Falls in the next week, after operations are finished here in Germany. At that time you will dispose of the remaining coup leaders and quietly begin to move operations out of the city. Not everything. I will give you a list of operations that will remain in place, a token force more or less. Everything else will be transferred to other cities in the United States to begin setting up a more structured and widespread network of control."

Ilsa arched an eyebrow, wiping the blood from her bloodied lip, "You want to pull operations out of Angel Falls?"

"Of course. That city is too full of super-powered elements that have been too long a thorn in our side, not to mention the competing gang operations. It is bleeding our coffers and for very little gain. I see no reason to continue any sort of real operations active in that particular city."

"And you don't think that some of the heroes will track our operations to other cities and abroad?" she asked with a tone of sarcasm.

"You have made us some bitter enemies Ilsa," the Iron Chancellor continued, "and some like the Soviet Superwoman are hold-overs from our own dimension who are personal enemies of yours and mine. Of course I am not so naive as to believe that it will stop their interference, but it will slow it down and in some cases stop it altogether. I am already taking the necessary steps to ensure that what interference we do receive will be kept at a manageable minimum my dear for the future to come."

"How so?"

The Iron Chancellor chuckled at her again. "You leave me to do the thinking Ilsa. I am a general, you are an executioner. You will have plenty of opportunity to ply your trade and all I ask is that you stay out of mine. Tactical planning and strategy never were your strong suite, or your lover Heydrich's for that matter. Killed by partisans because he drove the same route in an unarmored car with the top rolled down. Such arrogance. Arrogance you have nurtured as a virtue just as much as you have nurtured his memory. Your days of making any critical descions are over Ilsa and if I share anything with you it will be because I wish you to know. For now I shall keep my operations in regards to Angel Falls to myself."

Von Trotha then turned to a nearby soldier and addressed him. "Take Sturmbannführer Hauppman to her chambers here and see that she is given her full uniform and something hot to eat. I'll call upon you if she is needed for anything."

The guard responded with a "Jahwol!" and grabbed Ilsa under her arm. The blonde woman shook off his grip and continued to bore into von Trotha with her eyes, even as the guard leveled his weapon at her back.

"Arrogance, Herr von Trotha, was not killing me when you had the chance." she replied, her voice quivering with rage.

"I'm sure you will present me with ample opportunities Ilsa." The Iron Chancellor remarked amusedly, motioning for the guards to take her away.

To be continued...


Fantastic artwork commissioned by :iconbakart: by my dear friend and patron :iconandrewr255:, without whom none of this would be possible. :D

Soviet-Superwoman, Ilsa Hauppman, the Iron Chancellor and the story are my creations.

This story takes place in :iconangel-fallsda:
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Looks like battle lines are drawn but ilsa has to bide time and endure the Iron chancellor as long as hesinjectin her with the inhibitor.
Well done my dear.
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Loathe as I am to agree with any Nazi (except maybe Hans Landa, though that's mainly due to Christoph Waltz's skill and charm), Von Trotha seems to be making a lot more sense that Ilsa ever has. I have a feeling his rule won't last, though...
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:bulletblue::bulletblack:Jack Matthews:bulletblack::bulletblue: Seems Hermann doesn't have his head up his ass.
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Hmm, Trotha certainly seems to be a smart one, his long-term plans could actually work to establish the reich as a large-scale criminal organization.

Though yeah, typical supervillain arrogance of leaving a bitter enemy alive to be a trophy proves he's not entirely free of that kind of arrogant stupidity.
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Moving to Berlin... not a smart move. I'm pretty sure that someone will have a chat with the Reich as they arrived [link]
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Will we find out who his other spies are?
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a new type of serpent is coming to wreak havoc in Angel Falls, methinks; I wonder what will happen if he chooses to look into the operation that lost to the Reich that tugboat full of munitions some time ago? great work w/ this, Olga!

:bulletblue:Augur:bulletblue: Another petty tyrant, but one whose malice is as great as the dark ones in the Void; this one, I shall be ready for when he tries to strike at me
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typical Nazi arrogance
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