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July 26, 2013
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Soviet Superwoman versus Skyscraper by Soviet-Superwoman Soviet Superwoman versus Skyscraper by Soviet-Superwoman
The fifty foot tall blonde reeled backwards from the Soviet Superwoman's right cross. She could taste blood in her mouth as she stumbled. Skyscraper had tried to roll with the punch, but the sheer magnitude of force behind it had taken her by surprise. It was her first time tussling with the super-powered Russian lesbian and so far she had to admit she was impressed. Catching herself on an abandoned steel mill, Robin steadied herself with one hand and swatted the flying Soviet away with the other hand. Pieces of the masonry crashed to the ground all around her as her gigantic fingers dug into the roof of the building. Olga was caught in her open palm and slammed hard into the side of one of the gigantic smokestacks, shattering the concrete and steel structure in the impact. As Robin pulled her hand back, the amazonian woman was dropped ingloriously to the ground several stories below landing on her which point Skyscraper came down on her with her right foot, crushing her into the asphalt of the industrial park. Robin grinned to herself as she ground down her heel, kicking up a cloud of dust and debris. The Russian woman was still alive, in fact she could feel her struggling to force herself out from underfoot. The massive woman brought her foot up and down several more times, shaking the entire neighborhood with the force of her blows. For a moment, Robin considered having to ask Genocide at some point what the big difficulty was. The thought was fleeting however.

Olga managed to roll free with a burst of her super-speed in-between her brutal stomping. The raven-haired woman zipped upwards, back into the evening sky. Robin swung at her with a wide arc, not entirely sure of her location due to the speed she was moving at. The punch went wide and Olga shot past her, climbing upwards over her head. Robin turned to follow her movements just as the Soviet Superwoman came down on her temple with a two-fisted haymaker. Robin gasped at the ferocity of the punch and dropped down to her knees, knocking over several derelict warehouses as she made contact with the earth. As she tried to shake off the massive punch, Olga landed on top of her head with both feet, driving her face downwards. This Soviet bitch was strong....much stronger than she had anticipated. Robin's plowed face-first into the already shattered concrete, her arms flailing at her sides, spilling rusted, empty cargo containers in a cascade next to her. The Russian juggernaut grabbed two handfuls of her golden, blonde hair and pulled upwards, jerking her face up and out of the crater it had made in the ground.

Robin tried to speak, but all that came out with a strangled, gurgling sound right before Olga punched her in the face a second time, this time with enough force to shatter her goggles outwards. Skyscraper fell to the side, her expression one that registered both surprise and pure rage. Her left hand balled into a fist and collided with the Superwoman hard, knocking her through the steel mill. Robin could hear her crashing through several walls, glass and masonry exploding from the windows. The gigantic woman stood up to her full height, rubbing her bruised face. She still had the teleportation device she had acquired from Kim Paler, and with it she could leave now while the Soviet was barreling through the building. What would that gain her though? Then she wouldn't have accomplished what she set out to do and she would be backing down to one of these so-called capes. This one was tough however. She wasn't sure she could take her in a fair fight and this wasn't a battle or place of her choosing by any means. As she was rolling all this around in her head, the big Russian came shooting back out the front of the building, covered in dust and sporting a scowl on her face.

Skyscraper swung at her again with a hard left. Her black, gloved fist connected with the much smaller woman again, but this time Olga grabbed a hold of her thumb with both hands. As Robin pulled back in an attempt to dislodge her, Olga pulled in the opposite direction on her digit with all of her strength and dislocated it from it's socket with a wet popping sound. Robin let out a yelp of pain and surprise, shaking her injured hand violently towards the ground in an attempt to jar her attacker loose. It worked, with the Soviet Superwoman taking to the skies again. Fuck that! Skyscraper lunged at her with her right hand, taking hold of her red cape and snapping it backwards hard. Olga was jerked back, the whiplash causing a tiny explosion of sound as she was sent sailing backwards. Olga flew back, turning head over heels once until an unused water tower broke her fall, exploding outwards in an avalanche of broken metal. Robin meanwhile grabbed a hold of her dislocated thumb and popped it back into place, biting down on her lip hard enough to draw a trickle of blood. She moved it around a few times tenderly. It hurt like hell...probably would need to go in a brace for a week or so. Olga was still picking herself up off the roof of the nearby building, rolling out from under some heavy, rusted pieces of steel.

Seizing the opportunity, Robin reached down with both hands and grabbed up a giant chunk of the pitted and crater asphalt from their make-shift battle-ground and with one long stride over, slammed it down with all her might on top of the heroine. The Soviet Superwoman made a muffled sound from underneath the shattered remains of the concrete. Robin knew it wouldn't be enough to kill her, but it would buy her enough time to take the advantage. Reaching down into the rubble, Skyscraper clutched the Russian and closed her fingers around her body tightly, pulling her free. Already Olga was struggling and straining against her grip, pulling herself free. The small woman's strength was astonishing. Perhaps at another time it would require further study, when she was far away from here. The Soviet woman braced her leather boot against Robin's already injured thumb and began to push backwards, her continence one of frustration and anger. The massive blonde lifted her up to eye level and shouted directly in her face.


Olga was taken aback by her words and ceased struggling for a moment, staring at her with her cold, blue eyes. Robin knew she only had a few seconds to explain before those eyes would flash a bright crimson and beams of cutting lasers would launch from them.

"Stop alright...I wasn't doing anything wrong." Robin continued in a booming voice.

"You are in full costume only a few blocks from the financial district of the city. Do you take me as a fool?" The Soviet Superwoman snapped.

"God forbid any of your vaunted heroes ever make a mistake." Robin began. "If you let me shrink back down I'll be more than happy to explain, just stop hitting me."

Olga glared at her for a moment more before nodding her approval at the idea. Robin nodded in return and opened her hand, letting the bodybuilder-sized woman go. As Olga flew back down to street level, Robin quickly shrank back down to her normal height to meet her. Olga was already waiting for her, hands on her hips and an impatient expression on her face. Robin took off her broken goggles and tossed them aside, rubbing her still sore cheek with her right hand.

"If you must know the truth, I was going out to pick up some groceries and I stopped to watch the sun set."

"In your full costume?" Olga retorted, pointing at her with an accusing finger.

"Would you rather I enjoy it naked? Wait, don't answer that, the whole city knows your sexual preference."

"Why don't you enjoy it like everyone else, from a normal height?"

Robin shrugged. "Do I have to explain myself to you? Did you catch me stealing anything...hijacking a truck? Knocking over a bank? No you caught me here, in this abandoned stretch of the industrial district minding my own business. So what if I was fifty feet tall. I haven't broken any laws and you can't prove I was doing anything before you launched an attack on me."

Olga stood there for a moment, her expression telling Robin she was rolling her words around her head, trying to make sense of them. The color rising in her cheeks told her that she was also slightly embarrassed at the turn the situation had taken.

"Look I get it okay, given my reputation," Robin began, "I've missed my sunrise and you technically assaulted me. My thumb is dislocated and probably needs attention, my face is bruised and my property was destroyed. I'm willing to forget about all that though and salvage the remainder of my evening if you'll apologize and let me go about my business without any more interference."

The Soviet Superwoman folded her arms over her sizable bosom and exhaled loudly through her flaring nostrils. For a few seconds that seemed to last an eternity, nothing was said.

"Da...I apologize...given your reputation, I thought..." the Russian finally stammered.

Robin dismissed her with a wave of her hand. "Save it. I just wanted an apology. Now don't you have some drinking to go do or a revolution to plan?"

Skyscraper walked off past her without waiting for an answer. A smirk crawled across her face as she wanted so badly to turn around and see Olga's face turning bright red from both anger and humiliation.


Massive thanks to :iconhotrod5: for this amazing piece of artwork and for giving me permission to use his character Skyscraper in this vignette. :hug:

Also a big thanks to my friend :iconandrewr255: for making this project a reality! :iconbowplz:

Soviet Superwoman and the story are my creations and property.

This tale of misunderstanding takes place in :iconangel-fallsda:
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Nihilofilo Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
Horny! :horny: revamp Horny Sexy sexy girl! where I can found the BIO of this OC character...? or whatever she is, sure. :Masturbates: 
HarmoneeJC Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
Watching the sunrise? Yeah and Genocide is hosting a bar mitzvah. Tell us another one Robin!
PaulPoser Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
Super-Big vs. Almost-Invincible! Nice matchup! :)
Love the end!
NeoNarcissism Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
Hahahahaha!  I freaking love it!  It just goes to show that not even heroes can make some HUGE mistakes.  The writing was phenomenal and the art is amazing.  Props all around!
IBChillin Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
Tens of thousands of dollars in property damage AND an "aggravated assault with serious bodily injury?" Someone needs to call the law offices of Nancy Brenton like ASAP
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
:shh: Don't give her any ideas!
johnnyharadrim Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013

Hmmm...yeah, that was battery ;(

Still, if there are arrest warrants out on her, Olga could I think effect a citizen's arrest?

Shulkie Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
Nicely done. SSW was trying to be proactive to stop Robin from doing anything before she started, but even heroes make mistakes. If only she mind of :iconbatmanplz: and observed before acting, Robin wouldn't have any ouchies. Pretty funny ending:lmao:.
I thought the picture title could be "Join me. I am Your Father!!" :icondarthvaderplz:
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