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August 24, 2012
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Soviet Superwoman's POV by Soviet-Superwoman Soviet Superwoman's POV by Soviet-Superwoman
On Thunderbird: "A noble spirit and a gifted combatant. Her recent maiming at the hands of Ultrawoman is a tragedy and one that will not go without a response. Thunderbird has been a charter member of the Guardians and a staunch defender of the city. She deserves better than this.

On Mindy Marvel: "Mindy represents everything that it means to be a hero. She stands for truth and justice and never stops fighting until the fight is won. I was very proud to help to train her in hand to hand combat and even more proud to call her my friend. How she juggles a child and a husband all while fighting crime is nothing short of amazing."

On Polygirl: "Poly is amazingly talented individual. I do not understand a great deal of what she does or how she does it, but she is a genius when it comes to technologies. Her personality is also such that things do not bother her and she is very easy-going. I always find our time together to be very enjoyable."

On Firebrandi: "My fiery little friend, Brandi has helped me acclimate to the city and it's culture so much over the past few years, always with a smile on her face and a helping hand. She is the first one to defend me from a zealous opponent and has taught me how to truly relax and appreciate something as simple as a day out having fun."

On General Bardak: "The General and I are from very different places and yet we share so very much in common. He and I are both soldiers and therefore understand what it means to have fought in a war and watched all the chaos around you as you and your people fight against annihilation. As a staunch defender of the city, Angel Falls could find no better strategist, nor a more compassionate warrior."

On Crimson Conservative: "Connie and I disagree about great many things, and while I do not think that I will ever truly earn her trust or sway her mind, her spirit is what makes her a valuable asset in the battle against evil and oppression. Connie will never surrender and never compromise. Like myself, she wears her ideals on her sleeve proudly for all to see."

On Dark Star: "Andrea was once counted amongst my closest friends when I first arrived in this dimension and time. Now she is counted among my chiefest rivals and bitterest enemies. I hope that one day she can return to us, but until then I will not allow her to cause ruin and devastation for her own amusement or that of her master."

On Xeranad: "Xeranad is madness given form. Truly a being of chaos and disorder, he must be stopped quickly whenever he appears. All he brings is bloodshed and tears in his wake."

On Ultrawoman: "Ultra is a not what she claims. She claims that we are superior to the peoples that we have a duty to protect and that she is opening our eyes to this truth, much like a funny little man I once knew with a silly mustache. She claims she is acting in everyones best interest and then murders and kidnaps her enemies. She claims to want to help the Earth and does this by pointing weapons of mass destruction at it. The truly sad part is that she actually believes her own lies at this point and the truth is lost upon her."

On Robin: "Robin is a powerful magi, something I do not have a great of experience with at all. Magic is one of the few things that I have few defenses against so I am glad that it is in the hands of one as responsible as she."

On Ryu: "Ryu is one of the most powerful and majestic creatures ever to exist in myth and legend, a winged zmey! I am very glad he is on our side and even more delighted to have met him. It is not everyday one can say they spoke with a zmey, especially one with such a pure and free spirit!"

On the Occupant: "I have heard of this man, but I have had little encounter with the Canadian Syndicate...yet. They are a thorn for the Reich at the moment, but the day will come that they will become more and I do not relish that day. He is said to be a powerful psychic and while that gives me pause, i will not allow him or his criminal organization to fill the space they are cutting from Ilsa."

On Rin & Poison: "Two deadly and coldly beautiful assassins for hire. Both of these women are completely opposite to each other, with Rin the ying to Poison's yang. They are devoid of conscience and seem to want me dead for interrupting their bloody business on more than one occasion. Poison would like nothing more than to slice the flesh from my face and I am glad that she yet lacks the ability to make good this claim. The city would sleep better at night when both of these 'ladies' are locked away in Tartarus."

On Aegis: "My friend Aegis is a wonderful ally, dependable and confident. There are times that I do not fully comprehend what that big brain of hers is saying, but all that means is that she is brains, brawn and beauty wrapped in one package and that makes her a valuable asset to the city. The fact that she is a good friend as well makes me smile."

On Lady Liberty: "At first I admit I was apprehensive with her. The other two individuals I know that wear the American flag proudly are not my biggest supporters. Connie as mentioned above and the psychotic and highly dangerous American Hero, Jane Smith is the other. Jessica however has proven that she is reliable, good-hearted and has all the qualities one looks for in a heroine. She is as enthusiastic as she is patriotic."

On the Junkyard Jacks: "A tough bunch of characters whose hearts are in the right place, even if it seems like they are always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Psycho13, Draven, Mattock, Mark, Solo and Cedric, all of them amazingly gifted individuals who I am very proud to know and call my friends. Thank you once again for sticking up for me when the chips were face down!"

On Black Widow and La Femme Punisher: "While I understand their angers and frustrations, their motives, I cannot condone the paths these two women have taken: the path of murder. I sympathize with their pain and loss and I understand that they were not gifted with the same abilities as myself or others like me, but that does not give them the right to act as judge, jury and executioner. It places them in the same catergory as those they would pass judgement on."

On Ms. Blitzen: "Emily's temper is her greatest enemy. Once she gets this under control she will be a powerful force against evil. She has made incredible progress in her short time as a heroine so far, taking on some of the most powerful villains on the planet, even making it on the Guardians as a probationary member! I look forward to seeing great things from her in the future."

On Concussion: "David is a complicated individual. On one hand he is a highly dangerous being of almost god-like power, capable of capriciously cruel acts of violence for his own amusement. On the other hand he has deep within him a capacity for incredible good and compassion. He is like a child with a loaded gun in many ways who must be shown the damage he has caused before realizing what he has done."

On the Guardians: "The greatest force of good for the city, or even the world for that matter. Such a powerful assemblage of incredibly talented and amazing powered individuals one could not find anywhere else. Though I am not a member, I fully support them in all their endeavors and will always be ready to lend my hand if the need so requires it."

On Walkiria: "Maia, my best friend, lover, and my Возлюбленная. She truly completes me and with her I am happier than any other being has ever known. She is joy and I love her with all my heart."


Artwork here was provided by my old friend Clintreaver, who I hope is doing well. It was an image I never used for a story but it should definitely be seen by all!

Thunderbird, Dark Star and Walkiria all belong to :iconteri-minx:

Mindy Marvel belongs to :iconbrad328:

Polygirl belongs to :iconlonestranger:

Firebrandi belongs to :iconfirebrandi:

General Bardak belongs to :iconatomskmaster6:

Crimson Conservative belongs to :iconjamese82:

Xeranad belongs to :iconxeranad:

Robin belongs to :iconleviadragon99:

Ultrawoman belongs to :iconu1trawoman:

Ryu belongs to :iconsirdan87:

The Occupant belongs to :iconpathetic-virgin:

Poison, Rin and La Femme Punisher all belong to :iconhotrod5:

Black Widow belongs to :iconsummertimekiller:

Aegis belongs to :iconcele7110:

The Junkyard Jacks belong to :iconryat66:

Lady Liberty belongs to :iconmatthaus85:

Ms. Blitzen belongs to :iconknight3000:

Concussion belongs to :iconandrewr255:

Soviet Superwoman is my creation and property.

If I left anyone out this time around I apologize and this will probably be the first of many POV's so let me know!

She and all of these other unique individuals can be found in the city of :iconangel-fallsda:
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Worm0992 Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
Nice suit. I also liked what you wrote about everyone from Soviet Superwoman's POV. I'll be honest I didn't understand the title of this until I read that. Very well done.
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Thanks! :)
Shulkie Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
I love this render of your character and the shiny outfit is pretty cool. I love the variations done giving it a more stylish feel to it. The POV's are pretty interesting and honest which mean the most. Thanks for voicing your thoughts to us:blowkiss:
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
You are very welcome. :)
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:bulletblack:The Widow:bulletred: What would you do if some really wicked individual dies from internal hemmohaging as a result of one of your superpowered punches? Just food for thought.

:bulletblue:Marsha Richfield:bulletyellow:And what do you think of the best drug enforcement agent in the city? :D
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