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July 24, 2013
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Soviet Superwoman by Blueharbinger by Soviet-Superwoman Soviet Superwoman by Blueharbinger by Soviet-Superwoman
My friend :iconblueharbinger: recently created this amazing version of SSW, complete with an amazing costume re-design. What do you think about the way it looks?
Thank you so much for gifting me with this! :hug:

Soviet Superwoman is my creation and property.

She can be found, along with :iconblueharbinger:'s Ms. Gamma, in :iconangel-fallsda:
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Awesome design!! Heh, olga, you and ssw gave me the idea of  a russian supehero: the Eagle!! Do you want to help me to create him(or her?) I would be honoured by a yes :)
What more can you tell me about him? I can try to throw some ideas your way as they come to me.
Her! Woman power:) her name was Georgina Wladimirovna afanassieva, a former princess, who loved a young révolutionary, serguei bokanov; she had dis illusion about tsarism and bolchevism; after strange events, she received powers who changed her into Belyy Orel, the white eagle; she is a blond woman, who can change herself into an eagle and who is powerful in cold time, and in skies, she is claustrophob, fire and electricity are her weak points; she also wears 2 cossacks swords and had a soviet (girl) friend, a normal woman, who was a ww2 pilot (i dont remember the name germans gavé to them. I believe it is Nachterchen but not sure) whose name is Antonina nikolaievna kaganova; both cames into AF world; antonina help her friend to adapt herself to modern world, Georgina protects her friend and all weak persons
-white army general vasilevitch: he killed her love serguei before hher and made terrible slaughters
-Yakov Yurovski: romanov killer, strangely résurrected to kill her
-nazi general Hans Kammer
Tcheka/gpu/nkvd and okhrana officer Maria davidova
prince yussupov: he loved her but she rejected him
ordo ab chaos: a cult

if you want to, add me at your watch list, i'll make an id card for her tomorrow, when design Will be ended:)
I like this costume design, it looks like something a neo-gothic rock-star would wear. 
shotgung0d Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Brilliant design! Sexy and stylish FTW!
It's nice but classic SSW looks much better and functional :iconponderplz:
Uh oh, you're pondering things...
I want to make a render of SSW with the new translucent skin stuff that I've learned, but I haven't yet, I'll keep you posted :typerhappy:

Connie: “What happened, ya fall into a wood chipper or somethin‘?”


I prefer her classic look, but this one does make her look more threatening. An interesting take on your girl’s costume. :nod:

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