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September 13, 2009
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Soviet Superwoman

Real name: Olga Xenia Yezhov

Age: 32 (born 1923 alternate Earth)

Height: 6 feet, 3 inches

Weight: 225 pounds

Eyes: Cold Blue

Hair: Short Black

Appearance: Tall and imposing, the Soviet Superwoman is a powerfully built amazon of a woman. Her body resembles a densely muscled, heavyweight-class female bodybuilder with ample curves.

Dimensions: 38DD-24-38
Place of Birth: Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, USSR (alternate Earth)
Current Residence: Angel Falls, USA

Occupation: Former kolkhoz farmer, former старшина́ (Starshina) in the Soviet military, Hero of the Soviet Union as the costumed heroine Soviet Superwoman

Super-Strength: Olga was able to lift a German WWII-era battleship out of the water with some effort.

Flight: Olga can defy gravity and fly at a top speed of 1342.22 mph.

Invulnerability: Near indestructible, Olga can withstand almost almost all forms of physical or energy damage due to her incredibly dense-molecular structure. Her cape and costume cannot however. Extreme temperatures and radiation do not seem to bother her and she can survive in space for a limited amount of time.

Stamina: Ability to maintain continuous strenuous physical action for prolonged periods many times that of a normal human.

Laser Vision: Olga can concentrate electromagnetic energy into lasers generated from her eyes capable of melting or vaporizing almost any substance.

Super-Speed: Soviet Superwoman can move on foot at over 447.41 mph and perform actions many, many times faster than a normal human.

Fighting Ability: Fully trained in Systema & Sambo fighting styles.

History: The Soviet Superwoman, or Olga Yezhov,  was born in the rural USSR on an alternate earth where she worked as a farmhand on her kolkhoz (communal farm) in the years prior to World War II. After Hitler invaded in 1941, her village was rounded up by the authorities and given injections to stave off disease. In reality it was an untested form of super-soldier serum that killed everyone else in her village but her. Olga was given vast superpowers as her genetic code was re-written. Over time she had become super-strong and durable, invulnerable to physical damage, she gained flight and the ability to concentrate lasers from her eyes, superhuman speed, regeneration and increased longevity. When she was ready, they gave her a new suit and a new purpose: she became the Soviet Superwoman, hero to the people of the USSR. In 1942-1943 she smashed the German armies at both Stalingrad and Kursk, before moving towards Berlin and putting Hitler's war in Europe to an end. The Soviet army marched forward with her at front, conquering everything the German army had been forced to relinquish all the way to France. After dropping the atomic bombs to defeat Japan, the United States ordered it's bombers to attack Moscow. Olga intercepted the atomic bomb and brought them back to Russian scientists to replicate. The Allied forces negotiated a non-aggression pact with the USSR, giving them all of the territories in Europe. The war was over, and Stalin had won.

Over the course of the next decade of Cold War, the Soviet Superwoman was a champion to the common man. She disrupted terrorists and criminals, saved lives and fought against injustices large and small. In 1955 an alien civilization attempted to conquer the earth, but one of the key problems they faced was the Soviet Superwoman. After weeks of battle, the aliens blasted Olga into a portal, sending her far away through time and space. When the portal reopened, it had dropped her in the city of Angel Falls in the year 2009. Since that time she has had to adjust to a world where the USSR has fallen, the technology is superior and the USA is the dominant superpower. She is still a hero first and determined to find her way back home while also winning the hearts and trust of the people of Angel Falls by fighting against the forces of evil.

Story Index:
Here is a complete reference sheet for Soviet Superwoman, for use in Angel Falls. It contains both her statistical data and a brief history. Enjoy :D

The picture above is a wonderful depiction of Olga, very patriotic, by the talented :iconbambs79:!
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Hawkbittern Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student General Artist
"The Allied forces negotiated a non-aggression pact with the USSR, giving them all of the territories in Europe. The war was over, and Stalin had won". I think W S Churchill would have a thing or 2 to say about that. Superwoman or no Superwoman the British empire and the French resentence wouldn't go down without a fight after beating the Nazis. 
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Well in my parallel dimension, the D-Day invasion was a disaster thanks to the chemical and mechanized warfare of the Iron Chancellor. He was poised to finish off London when SSW stopped him and killed him (at least his physical body). France was left holding the bag so to speak so in the end the Resistance sided with the Soviets because SSW fought with them in Paris. When the war was over, France was liberated, but by the Red Army, whom they were immediately friendly towards. After the failed atomic bomb drop on Moscow, the US and British hastily signed whatever they needed to stop the war. Sir Winston did indeed have more than a thing or two to say however and was not pleased and Truman was immediately defeated the following election by Joseph McCarthy.
Hawkbittern Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Ah-ha.... Obviously this is your universe so what you say goes. if in your world only Russia and Germany had superhumans I can't change that. But it's a rather underwhelming treatment of the british empire. Considering that
1: During the real war Churchill made a point of treating the soviets as allies rather enemies and had didn't try to drop a nuke Russia.
2: The second world war was thought on ideas over here. We didn't to fight Germany but did because it was right. This is like if at the end of Watchmen Rorschach had just thrown up his hands and said "Okay Ozimandius. You win". Out of character and underwhelming. Having decided to risk everything to crush fascism it makes no sense to surrender to an enemy without a fight. Imagine if the golden age Superman had threatened to flatten Russia if they didn't accept American rule after WW2. I think Stalin and the Russian people would have taken death over enslavement. I say this because it would be the same here. We brits have a long history of fighting bigger enemies and wining (including Russia at one point). I'm not saying we would have beaten a superwoman but that we aren't cowards who would calmly take forgien subjugation. "We will never surrender!"
3: Despite what very dumb americans think Britain is not ruled by America and so Washington couldn't hand over british freedom as a peace offering. Or that of neutral countries like Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey Etc.

As you know I think the "Russians is evil commies who wants to take over the world" attitude is, at best, an ugly relic of the cold war. But reading about the casual (comical?) demonization then subjection of my race and knowing  that it's basically Olga's fault doesn't fill me with much confidence in that feeling. Respect cuts both ways is what I'm saying I guess. Still, thanks for taking the time to explain your ideas.

Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Well England wasn't subjugated by any means, and did in fact have it's own super-powered operatives (just not at the same power level). I understand it is it's own sovereign nation: it didn't take orders form the US and therefore wasn't part of the plan to nuke Moscow, that was a handful of men at the Pentagon and Truman. I had a short-story where Churchill met with Olga and got along despite the differences. She also stopped a major V-2 rocket assault from attacking London and helped the RAF when she could in the air. She considers England a pivotal ally during the War and it was their refusal to surrender that inspired her at times. They weren't conquered by the Germans and then they weren't conquered by the Russians. I have nothing but respect for the British, their people and everything they contributed towards the war effort.
Hawkbittern Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks. Sorry if that sounded bitter but I am a Welshman, there's a stereotype that we have short tempers and it's true in my family at least. I tend to see assume the worst in people due to years of disappointments even though I know making assumptions is never a good idea.

Did you write that story about her meting Churchill? If it's in your gallery I'll give it a read.  
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
It's more of a mention going back and looking where she is in Tehran for the first big conference and Churchill presented her with a specially commissioned ceremonial sword commemorating the victory in the battle of Stalingrad, as a gift from King George VI to the citizens of Stalingrad and the people of the Soviet Union (which really happened with Stalin who handed it to Marshal Kliment Voroshilov...who promptly fumbled and dropped it). You have however stoked my interest in a story I have had brewing for sometime where she meets with him in secret at his country home in Norfolk towards the end of the war.
Hawkbittern Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Cool. If you decide to go with this I'll be certain to let you know what I think :)
I take it that as well as Britain neutral countries such as Ireland, Spain, Etc. weren't handed over to Russia as being neutral and sovereign nations (and Spain just finishing up a civil war) the allies couldn't use them as peace offerings even if they wanted to. Sorry if I'm being pedantic here but that line "giving them all of the territories in Europe" does kinda suggest all of them. Even the neutral ones.

Hope that settles every thing. I might want to talk to you again in the future sometime. Probably about different stuff. I hope that's okay with you.

Going back to the idea of mutual respect I may as well throw in my bit by saying that as an animation student I really love the short animations made in the USSR during the 60's and 70's by people like Yuri Norstein, Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Fyodor Khitruk and Eduard Nazarov (I own the entire Masters of Russian Animation DVD set). It seems a shame to me that these great artist are (over here at least) only know to animation aficionados like myself. 
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
It probably would have helped if I had written "previously occupied" territories. ^^;
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Atypicalspider Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Its always nice reading and learning about other characters, especially super heroes!

I like her story, and the choice of powers you gave her ^.^
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner May 22, 2014
Thank you very much! :iconbowplz:
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