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Science and Sorcery by Soviet-Superwoman Science and Sorcery by Soviet-Superwoman
February 1945
Wassenaar, The Hague, Occupied Netherlands


SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Grunewald gazed out over the suburbs of Wassenaar through his field glasses and The Hague beyond that. Thick, black smoke could be seen rising and billowing into the air from down below in the streets. The faint staccato of heavy machine gun fire merged with the loud thunder-crack from the tanks stationed there. A Flak 38 could be heard as well, blasting away at an unseen target. A bead of sweat had formed under his officer's hat and began to work it's way downwards across his pallid cheek. The Allied beachhead invasion had failed only a few months before and already the fighting had found it's way here. How was it possible? How had they managed to launch a surprise invasion? Better still, how did they have any indication of what his operations were in this area? Everything was falling to pieces. The victories on the beaches of France last year had apparently been futile after all, nothing more than a delaying tactic. An aide standing nearby, a younger officer named Bader, hung up the phone and looked up at him from behind.

"Sir, I'm not getting any response from the 444 or the 485 battalions. 91st battalion claims that she is here, sir, the Soviet weapon that swept through France with the partisans." the young officer stammered. "They are doing there best, but it is a losing effort. Casualties already at 11%."

"What about von Trotha? Any word?"

"Nein sir. Reports are still unconfirmed that he was killed in combat. Likewise we have been unable to reach Field Marshall Goering."

Grunewald ground his teeth together, putting his field glasses down on the heavy oak desk. Both of his superiors were out of communication and here he was, confronted by the woman who had broken the offensive stranglehold in Russia and turned the war in the favor of the Soviet Union almost single-handedly. Within weeks the Red Army would more than likely have pounded on his doorstep, but he would have had time to pack up and withdraw without them having any idea what he had been sitting on, what he had overseen here. Her presence here today told him that perhaps he had underestimated Red Army intelligence. Perhaps all of them had. There was only one rational option left open to him now. The Sturmbannfuhrer straightened his jet black uniform and removed his hat, placing it next to his binoculars wearily.

"Bader, call the 91st back up and tell them to surrender. We aren't any match for the Soviet Superwoman and I will not have my remaining men butchered in the streets like in Paris."

"Belay that order!" snapped a harsh female voice from the far corner of the room. Henriette Gerber, an Oberscharführer in the Ahnenerbe SS took a few steps towards the two men. She was dressed in her black ship cap and uniform with skirt, her . Her long ebony hair flowed down her back like a cloud of ink and her piercing green eyes hid behind her small, rectangular glasses. Gerber's shapely legs were clad in hose and ended in high black, leather heels that clicked on the floor as she walked.

"Oh what authority?" scoffed Grunewald. "Both Field Marshal Goering and Gruppenführer von Trotha are no longer in communication, that places the final command decision on me. As Ilsa Hauppman has no authority here, despite her intentions otherwise, you are here as an observer and nothing more. Now kindly sit back down. Bader, if you could please..."

Gerber's Luger barked twice and the Sturmbannfuhrer fell forward, slumping over his desk. Bader half stood as the beautiful, dark-haired woman turned her weapon in his direction.

"Sit down and dial up launch command. Tell them to initiate operation Verwüstung on my command and authority as highest ranking officer present. Do it now or die with this traitor, the choice is yours."

Bader nodded slowly and made the call as Gerber stripped off the top of her uniform, holstering her pistol and laying her coat on the chair behind her. She rolled up her white blouse sleeves to reveal a network of intricate scars and tattoos. Mystical symbols and runes, sigils that Bader did not recognize but balked at the sight of. The SS woman began to recite something in a language the junior officer did not recognize. Her head rolled back and her eyelids fluttered as if she were entering a trance-like state. Gerber's gloved hand dropped to her belt, removing her dagger from it's sheath. With the tip of the gleaming blade, she began to cut a billowing, scarlet pattern deep into the flesh of her arm. The German woman continued to chant, her voice almost reciting some kind of obscene hymn as the blade danced across her skin, leaving lines of spreading crimson.

"Wha...what are you doing Oberscharführer?" Bader asked as he looked on in growing horror.

"Ensuring our victory." was her only reply as the V2 rockets began to launch upwards and into the sky. Hundreds of them, all streaking their way towards London with enough chemical payload to choke the life from the vast British metropolis.


The Soviet Superwoman had just finished punching her hand through the armor plating of the nearest panzer tank when she saw the rockets suddenly shooting upwards. Dozens of them began firing upwards and streaking into the sky. It was beautiful in a way and horrible all at once. She had never seen technology such as this on this scale before. Soviet high command had told her to take the installation as intact as possible and not destroy the rockets as they would be reverse engineered by the greatest minds in the USSR. It would seem that that was no longer an option. The rockets were in the air and she had no idea what their target or targets would be. Possibly England as intelligence predicted or perhaps, seeing her here, the commanders had decided to fire them at her homeland. Whatever the case, they now had to be stopped at all cost. Olga ripped her arm backwards out of the panzer, ripping out a handful of vital electronics and parts along with it and shot upwards at hypersonic speeds in an intercept course with the V2's. A hail of bullets were fired in her direction, deflecting harmlessly off her body.

Olga slammed hard into the first rocket, smashing through the side of it and out the other easily. It exploded in a terrible fireball and a cloud of choking gases. Olga was taken by surprise and quickly moved to the next rocket, holding her breath. Her eyes were tearing up slightly as she punched a hole through the V2's steel plating. It was the same kind of mustard gas she had experienced once before while battling Hermann von Trotha, the so called Iron Chancellor. Only days before she had put an end to that madman's life, throwing him and his new mechanized battle-suit from the top of the Rjukanfossen Falls. It seemed his legacy in the Reich had continued past his death and it strengthened her resolve to put an end to it once and for all. Nothing the Chancellor had created would remain in this world. Her eyes flared red for a moment and within seconds several of the deadly rockets exploded in mid-air, their lethal contents disbursing in the air high above the North Sea. London was their target after all. The raven-haired super-weapon had no intention of letting that happen. Enough innocent civilians had died in Hitler's mad quest for power.

Between her amazing bursts of super-speed and super-strength and the long range attacks of her laser vision, Olga was making short work of the V2 assault, despite the sheer volume of weapons launching from below her. The base commander, assuming that the end was near had apparently launched everything they had in operational at the besieged British. It kept the rockets out of Soviet hands and it promised a slow, painful death to the city of London. Olga's lips pulled back into a snarl as she continued to move from rocket to rocket. Didn't these animals know when they had already been beaten? Why continue to cause so much widespread death and destruction? Sajmište had told her otherwise and moments like this had only reinforced it. The Nazis were nothing more than rabid dogs, now in their death throes, that needed to be put down. Time and time again they showed her they had no compassion, no sense of honor or humanity. As she crushed another V2 in her powerful grip she began to think about her own family, gunned down by the Einsatzgruppen. Rumbula. Baba Yar.

Suddenly a sharp stab of pain lanced into her side! Olga grabbed just below her ribs to find her glove soaked through with blood. Something had attacked her, leaving a deep puncture just below her rib-cage. Something like a man's shadow slid into her field of vision, as black and soft as smoke save for a single white patch in it's center. It hovered in the air a few feet away before lunging at her. This time Olga darted out the way, blasted a nearby V2 as she hurried away from it across the sky. The creature gave chase, moving along behind her through some unnatural means. Whatever it was it was, the creature was not wholly of this earth, that much Olga knew. She had heard legends of ghosts and other fearful abominations growing up in her native land. Seeing something like this face to face made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. It would seem that the Nazis were not only capable of scientific mastery, but of the supernatural as well. This demon or spirit could hurt her. It had cut through her impervious flesh as quickly and quietly as a thief cuts a purse-string. Olga took hold of the nearest V2 and hurled it backwards at the creature, blasting it with her lasers as she did. The resulting explosion obliterated the weapon of mass destruction, but the shadowy assassin continued to pursue her.

Olga zigged and zagged, continuing to dismantle the onslaught of rockets as they streaked across the sky. The shadowy demon continued to follow her, continuing to gain in speed. The Soviet juggernaut fired a burst of her laser vision at her assailant, but to no avail. Just as with the V2 wreckage, her lasers passed harmlessly through the creature. The amazonian woman cursed under her breath and shot forward with a surge of hypersonic speeds, punching her way through another two rockets as she did. The pain in her side was itching like crazy. Her regenerative properties were working, but very slowly, the flesh not knitting up anywhere near as quickly as it should have been. By now her side was soaked with blood. She had to stop at least one of the problems and the rockets were her first priority.

Grabbing a hold of a pair of the massive V2 rockets, Olga dove downwards towards the launch facility. The shadowy creature darted after her as she continued to descend. With a bellow like Thor, the mighty heroine threw the two rockets downwards towards the facility with all her strength. One collided with another V2 as it was just lifting off, causing an enormous fireball to launch into the sky instead. The other punched down into the top of the reinforced concrete command center and exploded. A cloud of deadly mustard gas plumed down and over the entire facility as explosions could be heard from within. Several of the launch sites suddenly blasted open, billowing fire, smoke and a sickly yellow gas. It was not what she had wanted and it was not what command had wanted, but too many lives were at stake including her own. The Wassenaar facility was destroyed by the very weapons they sought to unleash on London and that was fitting enough justice for them. For all those they had murdered in the gas chambers, Olga felt very little pity. A few rockets remained in the air and she still had this demon to deal with.

Mopping up the last few rockets was fairly simple. The fact they were moving across the North Sea at such incredible speeds was the only real concern Olga had, hoping she had not missed any of them in all that was happening around her. The creature following behind her was another problem all together. As she fired her lasers into what she hoped was the last airborne rocket, the Soviet Superwoman turned to face her would-be assassin. The creature raced toward her on wings of blackest night, it's long arms outstretched and ending in cruel, clawed talons. Olga moved to grab one of it's arms, only to find her hand pass clean through the insubstantial shade. The former farm-girl registered genuine shock as her hand felt as numb as if she had plunged it into an icy lake. An almost sixth sense snapped her out of her stupor and she suddenly ducked as the creature's arm lashed out far longer than it had been previously and cut through the air inches above her head. She retaliated with a savage kick that again passed through her foe and left her foot as cold and numb as her hand had been. The demon swung again in another wide arc, this time cutting her arm as she moved backwards. Four long scrapes burned viciously near her shoulder blade, trickling blood. There had to be a way to stop this abomination!

As it reared back to strike at her again, Olga once again spied the white spot directly in it's chest. Using what little speed remained in her, she lunged forward and punched at that spot with her fist. There was a sound like bone splintering and the creature's head threw backwards, as if it was wailing in pain and anguish, yet no sound issued forth. Then it suddenly dissolved into nothingness, vanishing in the sunlight over the North Sea. Olga breathed a hard sigh of relief and gripped her wounded side. Whatever it was, it seemed she had defeated it or perhaps it's master had been killed in the explosions and choking gas back at the launch center. Whatever was the case, Olga was very glad it was gone. She would head back to The Hague and make sure that the gas was contained and did not spread any further than the Nazi command center. then she would make contact with her superiors and let them know the events that had occurred today. There were still many questions that had to be answered but most of all London was safe, and right now that brought a smile to her face in spite of everything.


Artwork provided by my dear friend, the ever talented Nathan Dayspring.

The Soviet Superwoman, Gerber and the story are all my creations and property.

Soviet Superwoman can be found protecting the skies above :iconangel-fallsda:
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Kmon13 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 29, 2014  Student Artist
So is Gerber is a magic user from the same timeline Olga and Ilsa came from and tried to mustard gas at London with V2 rockets?  

And now she running amok in the new timeline planning some magical chaos for Angel Falls....

It make me wonder if any of the other Axis type super soldiers survived the war waiting for the chance to awake to spread havoc or will they be just as confused as Brunhilda with no place to go?

It leaves me a lot to ponder on...  
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Ilsa brought over as many of her (useful) allies still lived to this dimension. Gerber, Otto Skorzeny, and Irma Grese to name a few.
johnnyharadrim Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
How did I miss this story??? Argh! :slap:
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Harrowing tale.
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We need SS now over the skies of North Korea!
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
death-tribble Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
Props for saving London.
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
No way she was going to let that happen. :iconbritainplz:
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olga saves london, huzzah!

great job on the story!
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
Thanks my friend! :)
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