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Reversing Polarity by Soviet-Superwoman Reversing Polarity by Soviet-Superwoman
Angel Falls, present day

He hadn't seemed very threatening when he arrived on the street that morning. Another spandex-wearing man in a city of spandex-wearing heroes...and villains. His costume was bright; cobalt blue with sky blue thrown in for his boots and gauntlets and a long, trailing cape. He was perhaps in his 30's with a mop of disheveled black hair complete with a beard and mustache that were far better trimmed. He didn't wear any insignia or symbol of any kind of his chest or cape, nothing emblazoned to let anyone know who he was or what he stood for. A crowd had gathered nearby as he landed, for he had flown down to the sidewalk gracefully, giving him plenty of room however as they were unsure of his intentions. One of the women did however recognize him, as the bystanders would state to the authorities, for she called out to him.


At that the man's eyes met hers. She was wearing jeans and grey top, with short brown hair and running shoes on. Later she would be identified as Dr. Carla Walters, a prominent psychologist here in Angel Falls.

The man's face split into a smile.

"A victim of your own routine doctor." he said in a gravelly voice. "And you may refer to me as Polarity now!"

He then raised both his arms upwards and as he did several of the cars and trucks, both those being driven and those parked, began to float upwards. The man calling himself Polarity then spread his fingers, shooting the vehicles off in all directions like they were nothing more than Matchbox cars. They crashed into store fronts, other vehicles and several smashing into the innocent people standing or going about their business nearby. Within seconds it was pandemonium in the streets. The man brought his arms down, flattening and crushing the vehicles, some of them with the occupants still struggling to escape. Glass exploded everywhere and the sounds of screams and car alarms filled the block. Polarity only threw his head back and laughing taking a few more steps towards the horrified woman only a few feet away.

"Richard...what have you done?" Dr. Walters screamed at him in disbelief.

"Only what you left me with." he retorted, waggling his finger at her. "I wanted to do something good for this city, I wanted to use my powers in a positive light. I was a fool and I have you to thank for opening my naive eyes."

Several officers of the AFPD arrived on the scene within sixty seconds. They hopped from their cars, weapons drawn and demanded that the man raise his arms and surrender. This only made the man chuckle as he continued walking towards Dr. Walters. A second warning was also ignored and the officers opened fire. As the bullets were about to hit him, punching through his body in a spray of blood and shattered bones, they stopped, hovering in the air all around him. The man thrust his arm towards the officers and their own ammunition shot back at them in the opposite direction, ripping through them multiple times in a zig-zagging motion. At that display of violence Dr. Walters finally found her feet and began to run.

"Do you really think you can escape me on foot?" he asked out loud, rubbing his beard as the bullets finally and mercifully dropped inert around the now dead officers. His feet once again left the ground as he caught the magnetic field of the planet and used it to produce a movement akin to flight. As he floated upwards he spied something out of the corner of his eye, hurtling towards him from across the sky scape. It was one of Angel-Falls many would-be protectors. He turned to see which one and frowned. It was the city's adopted Communist heroine, the Soviet Superwoman. He had hoped to test his abilities on smaller game first before moving on to such a large, powerful target. No matter, she would fare the same as everyone else who opposed him. As she drew closer he raised his arm and up from the street below a tow truck suddenly shot upwards. The vehicle crashed into the surprised woman hard and disoriented her momentarily. She began to fall out of the sky with what remained of the shattered truck. As they slammed down into the pavement below, Polarity hurled another car on top of them, followed by another. A tanker truck completed his orgy of violence, culminating in fiery explosion that ripped across the once peaceful neighborhood. Richard watched the flames and shredded, burning metal for only a moment. He knew that she could survive something like that; he'd seen her on the television more than once. It would however slow her down and give him time to catch up with Dr. Walters.

He landed a few yards in front of her, causing her scream and fall down backwards, landing on her ass. He chuckled at that, clapping his hands together.

"I will miss our little sessions together my dear. I would have liked much more. I could have been a hero for you, for this city! Both of you spurned me and now you can suffer along with everyone here!"

"Richard please..." she began, wetting her dry lips. She was trembling all over. "Don't take this out on innocent people. I'm the one who hurt you. Your anger is with me."

"Ah!" He exclaimed, raising a waggling finger, "That is where you are very much wrong."

He was about to continue, opening his mouth to speak when a blur of grey and red suddenly slammed into him, punching him through a nearby brick wall. The Soviet Superwoman was back on her feet, her costume the only thing worse for wear. There was some kind of protective field or barrier around him that had slowed down her attack and in all likelihood, buffered him from more serious damage. Even now he rocketed upwards through the top of the building, exploding outwards in a shower of brick and debris. Olga's eyes flashed and twin beams fo laser vision shot outwards to intercept him. Only a few inches from him they suddenly diverted and were redirected in a random direction. Polarity let out a laugh.

"I control the very power of the Earth's magnetic field! Your powers are nothing compared to that of the planet!" he bellowed at her.

He reached out his arms and ripped free most of the steel beams and superstructure of the already weakened building. Rebars, girders and a shower of other metallic items suddenly began launching themselves down at Olga from all directions. The Soviet super-soldier covered her eyes with her arms and let the metal objects pelt her. None of them had enough force to punch through her impervious flesh but they were knocking her around and giving this madman more time to kill more people. The girders began twisting and wrapping themselves around her body. Olga began ripping them free, shearing them in pieces as they continued to rain down on her. Road signs, dumpsters, cars...she was being buried alive in a writhing pile of metal objects.

Polarity watched her amused. All of it was academic, there was no way he could stop her simply by throwing more at her and he doubted he could strangle her out. Soon she would be free and he wasn't sure if his own magnetic field could protect him from a volley of her punches. It was best to hurry up and end this now, prove to everyone that he was one of the most powerful metahumans in the city...nay, the world! He landed and began to further try to restrict the powerfully built woman with the metallic objects. They twisted around her bulging muscles, wrapped around her neck and tightened across her massive frame. He advanced towards her, pulling free one of his sky blue gloves.

"This has been fun, but tiresome." he began as he approached her. "I expected a challenge from such a prominent heroine as yourself. Alas, this was child's play. One touch and I will speed up the iron in your blood, boiling it in your veins. I doubt even you could survive that my dear."

Olga let out a snarl as she attempted to free herself from the animated mass. Every time she managed to rip an arm free it seemed as if two more pieces of metal would take a new hold on it. The ones across her throat were tugging ever tighter, choking off her air supply and now this madman was approaching slowly with a way to kill her that might be able to do as he claimed. Her laser vision seemed to have no effect on his magnetic field and she was running rapidly out of time. The Russian heroine employed a burst of her super-speed, tearing and ripping her way free as quickly as she could, enough for her to take flight again. She tore her way free, launching upwards in a shower of assorted metal objects. Richard's face contorted into a sneer as he took to the skies after her. Luckily for her, it appeared that he did not move as quickly through the sky as she did. It gave her a few seconds more to fully rid herself of her metallic bonds and catch her breath a bit as he pursued her. Olga looked around in front of her before making a decision on which way to head. The Soviet Superwoman dove downwards towards the Boardwalk and out onto Amazon Beach. There were less people and more importantly less cars.  She landed in the sand only a few feet ahead of her attacker, grabbing up a handful of it as she did.

As Richard landed behind her, reaching out at her with his un-gloved hand, she turned and flung the sand hard into his face. Polarity let out a strangled cry as he was temporary blinded, his hands moving towards his face. Olga punched him hard, feeling the brunt of the blow being slowed by his magnetic field. She swung out again and again, knocking him backwards as he reeled under her assault. Her long leg lashed out, colliding with his midsection and causing him to double over.  The Soviet Superwoman took a hold of his cape with both hands and swung him up and over her head to come down on the beach. His body bounced from the impact and he let out a groan. She whipped him around again, this time smashing him into the wooden boardwalk pier itself. It splintered and cracked as he crashed into it and was ripped back towards her. Another punch and this time she let go, bouncing him across the beach like a pebble on a still lake. He moved his arms, attempting to push himself up to his feet even as blood pooled under him from his shattered mouth and teeth. It was a futile effort and a second later he was laying face down in the sand. Olga let out a sigh of relief as she made her way over. She kicked him over onto his back with her boot to make sure he was unconscious. Her hand shot to her sub-dermal radio as she informed Tartarus Prison they would be getting a new arrival, one that she hoped they could have a nice plastic cell waiting for when she arrived.


I was inspired to write this short story by this amazing piece of artwork that :iconspiresrich: did for me! Thank you so much my friend and remember everyone, if you want a cool story (I hope ^^;), all I need is a cool piece of artwork! Heck it's a great way to get something tailored by you, the fans, friends and artists out there. :iconbowplz:

Soviet Superwoman and Polarity are my creations and property.

She can be found protecting the streets and skies of :iconangel-fallsda:
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Zespara Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
This actually sounds like something my good doctor would've done... under a more controlled environment of course.  ;)

:bulletyellow:  Dr. Hauptmann :bulletyellow:  What a waste.  But nothing that a few sessions with me wouldn't correct.

Shulkie Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
Gorgeous rendering and I love how beautiful she still appears looking up at her adversary even after taking a licking like this. 
As Ras Al Ghul told Bruce Wayne "Mind your surroundings" and she did using the sand to buy her enough time to strategically beat him down so she could end it without anymore lives or property damge to be done.
Nicely done:nod:
SouthernNerd Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice story and surprising that more of these villains haven't emerged yet. Well I guess that this villain is going to experience another kind of polarity in prison.
JamesE82 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014

Great tale, but I’m surprised nobody has made an obvious “reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!” joke yet…

:iconthirddoctorplz::iconsaysplz:Good grief!

Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
By strange coincidence, the Third Doctor is my all-time favorite.
LordOmegaZ Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o_o no way! mine too!
JamesE82 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014

He’s my favorite from the classic series. :highfive: Jon Pertwee’s son, Sean, looks so much like him that I think they should have him take over the role as the third Doctor in the current series for an adventure or two.

Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
Did you happen to see Sean's Halloween costume this year? :nod:
moxiee Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
It's tragic but a good story.
johnnyharadrim Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
Cool! Well done, Olga!
Paudraic Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Mmm, it took me a bit to work out he was a magnakinetic, it seemed like he could be using telekinesis or even control of gravitational fields for a bit there. Good creative fight to, I guess Magneto has given us all a lot to work with for that type of character eh? =P I am a little dubious though whether a magnetic barrier can repel lasers and organic matter, but that's always been a handwaved bit of soft-science from the original master of magnetism so I can let it pass.

:bulletorange:Morgana:bulletorange: Pfft, amateur. Imagine needing to touch someone to mess with the iron in their blo... and now I've said too much.
andrewr255 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2014
For whatever reason I thought he was a hero when the story started so I was startled when he went on a rampage.

Also that was a very cool method he attempted to employ to try and kill Olga.
Stick-bag Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2014
Always good to see a hero fighting dirty if the situation requires it. Also good to know for future reference that Polarity only controls metal, as when the story began I thought he had general telekinesis. *makes notes*

I hope we get some backstory (and a picture) on him sometime, though. His interaction with Dr. Walters intrigues me.
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