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May 10, 2012
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R.I.P. Angel Falls, chapter 12 by Soviet-Superwoman R.I.P. Angel Falls, chapter 12 by Soviet-Superwoman
Continued from:

The Lunar surface

Olga was dressed in her uniform and gazing out into space when Vyr-Na found her. The black-haired Russian woman was leaning on her elbows, staring out at the Earth. Ultrawoman walked quietly up behind her, still dressed in her white, mink robe. Olga stiffened at her touch, but did not turn around.

"You're up early." Vyr-Na said close to her ear. "Want me to fix us some coffee?"

"I'm not staying." was Olga's curt reply.

Ultrawoman bit her lip and lowered her gaze before speaking again. "It's so beautiful in space. The stars, the planets, the heavenly bodies…I've seen things out there that would make the hearts of strongest men weep with joy...but it also black, and cold and unfeeling. It offers no solace. It has no comfort in its icy embrace. I am reminded of it when I look in your eyes now Olga Yezhov. Beautiful, but devoid of emotion."

Olga still did not reply or turn around.

Vyr-Na took a few steps away from her, her lip curled into a small sneer. "Physical comfort was not the only reason I brought you up here Soviet Valkyrie."

"Then speak and tell me." Olga spat while still watching the blue and green orb that had been her home for so long now.

"Do you remember an incident with General Shadow several years back?"

At this Olga did turn, her eyes narrow behind her blood-red visor. Streaks of dried tears were still visible on her pale cheeks and the sight made Ultra's breath catch in her throat. "What has that to do with anything?"

"Everything." Ultrawoman said in a whisper. "Everything from then until this very moment is because of that series of events. How well do you remember it, given your situation?"

Olga remembered it like it was yesterday. General Shadow was a draconian would-be-conqueror, much like Ultrawoman had been. A despotic madwoman who wanted to claim the world as her own and rule over it with a reptilian fist. A few years ago Olga had stumbled onto one of her plots for world domination. She had contacted the Guardians and told to wait until they arrived. Olga had learned long ago that true Majik was powerful enough to cause her harm. Hitler had wielded it once with the power of the Spear of Destiny and almost killed her with his bare hands. Shadow must have come to the same conclusion and managed to surprise her. The battle that followed was a futile one. Olga was no match for her eldritch sorceries and sheer brute strength. Overpowered and unconscious, Olga was to be sacrificed, her unique blood used to open a gateway to another dimension where the General's soldiers awaited their moment to swarm the corners of the globe and place her upon the Ruby Throne. Luckily for Olga, the Guardians arrived and drove her back into hiding after a pitched battle. To her knowledge, that was the last time anyone had seen or heard from the General.

"Don't play games Ultra, if you wish to tell me something tell me." The Valkyrie said after her moment in thought.

Vyr-Na folded her arms across her chest, her impressive cleavage jutting upwards from the snowy folds of her robe. "The dagger she was planning on using to kill you with, it is known as Lævateinn. According to Norse mythology it was a blade forged by Völundr the Smith and given to the God Freyr...if you believe that sort of thing. In any case it was given to her, as well as all the information about you, by the late Ilsa Hauppman."

"Obviously they did not succeed." Olga replied.

"Ah, but they did in the end. Upon her defeat, General Shadow slunk back into the darkness of her namesake having been bested by the Guardians. Ilsa and her damned Reich returned for the ancient weapon of their heritage. Not wishing to create enemies on all sides, the General relinquished the blade to Ilsa and honored her agreement should she fail. At this meeting Shadow made a very curious and prophetic remark to the Reichsführer. One that would have lasting repercussions."

The Soviet Valkyrie was at full attention now. Ultra smirked as she continued.

"She told Ilsa that if they ever managed to have a force of like-minded, powerful individuals, like the Guardians, such failures as these would be a thing of the past and the Guardians would be wiped from the face of the Earth."

Olga placed her gloved hands on her hips. "That's it? General Shadow came up with the idea of all the villains working in unison. Who told you this story and what purpose could it possibly serve telling me this now?"

Ultrawoman wet her dry, plump lips. "It was told to me by Genocide herself in the weeks I was her prisoner. She showed me the very blade and told me many times how when the time came it would only be fitting for her to slit my throat with it, due to my almost mythical Aryan beauty. Of course she embellished it enough to make it seem like everything was according to her design, but I can read between the lines. Ilsa might have had the idea years ago with that succubus queen, but Shadow reignited the spark inside her."

The caped Soviet super-soldier moved to leave, striding down the hallway to the airlock. "Your story tells me nothing Vyr-Na except that Ilsa Hauppman still continues to haunt both of us from beyond the grave."

"It tells me the exact time and place to kill her Olga...and I think I have found the means to do it."

The Soviet Valkyrie stopped with a start and turned around, her cape fluttering behind her. "Speak woman! What are you talking about?"

"It would be better if you followed me and I show you...after we have that coffee and I get dressed of course." Ultra nodded somberly.


Vyr-Na's laboratories were still incredibly impressive. As she walked up and down the rows of machinery and computers Olga could not imagine what half of their functions were. No doubt most of this equipment was once crucial to her plans for world domination, now laying quiet under tarps or a blanket of dust. Ultrawoman strode on ahead, dressed in the costume Olga was most accustomed to seeing her in. The tall, powerfully built blonde made her way across the cramped and busy chamber with the agility of a cat. The two amazonian warriors made their way to a heavy, shielded door on the far side of the room. After a few electronic scans of the Velorian's retina and command phrases the door opened and gave up its secrets. As they entered the smaller chamber, the primary occupant was a large, stone monuments of some sort. An obelisk, black as coal and engraved with strange pictographs. Except for a few computer terminals it stood alone, bathed in a series of bright lights and energy fields. Ultrawoman made her way over to one of the monitors and looked over some read-outs as Olga walked around the object in a circle.

"I found this a few months ago, in North Africa. It's not human, that much I can tell you, but I am as of yet unsure of its origins. What I do know is it has been giving off a tremendous amount of temporal energies and chronotron particles and this has continued increasing over the past few days."

Olga finished walking around the object and turned towards her with a confused look. Ultra put a palm to her head and smiled at her lack of scientific knowledge. Still just a Russian farm-girl at heart.

"I believe it is capable of time travel Olga and I believe that with my equipment, and something I intend to ‘borrow’ from a mutual acquaintance on Earth, I can harness this power."

"And you want to go back and kill Ilsa before she has this meeting with General Shadow, da?"

"Not me, you. I have to work the computers and, no offense, one of us is smarter than the other. As much as I would love to twist her Nazi head off myself...the only way we will succeed is if you are the traveler. And I so want to succeed."

The Soviet Valkyrie removed her visor and took a few steps towards the blonde Velorian. "Do you realize what you are asking me? It would undo this future, da? Everything would be changed."

Ultrawoman looked away, her lip quivering slightly and her voice low. "Yes Olga. We would go back to being bitter enemies again...but Walkiria would be alive and at your side for the rest of your days and I would have Dwight and WarCat back. Neither of us would be lonely...the world would not have the scars it has now. This is probably the one chance for us both to find peace.”

“Peace,” the black haired woman replied, perhaps a little more harshly than she realized. “The concept of peace is completely alien to you. You are a conqueror Ultrawoman. You bend the world to meet your needs. You seek order perhaps. Discipline. But peace?” Olga shook her head slowly.

“Ultrawoman is gone,” the Velorian reminded her. “Hauppman killed her years ago. I gave you my word when you released me from Hauppman’s chains that I’d not take advantage of the chaos she left the world in. A promise I have kept. I have no designs on your adopted home. My motives are exactly as I have explained them. But you’ve come to know me well enough by now to realize that.”

“If we do this, or rather if we undo this. Might we not make matter’s worse?”

“How can things be worse Olga? Whatever ripples this causes, paradoxes, or new reality is born of this; you will have Maia by your side to deal with it. Isn’t that better than how you are living now?”

Olga pondered over her words even as her eyes never left the obelisk.

To be continued...


This image was commissioned by the incomparable :iconmegaween:! Do yourself a favor and zoom in on The General in particular, and the expression on her face. Nightmare fuel isn't it? Mega did a fantastic job with this!

Also a tremendous thanks to :iconu1trawoman:, creator and owner of the infamous Ultrawoman, for helping to edit and add her own personal touch to the story.

General Shadow is the creation and property of :iconsirdan87:

The much-mentioned Walkiria as well as WarCat belong to :iconteri-minx: and are her property.

Dwight is actually :iconhotrod5: and his own property I hope.

All other mentioned Angel Falls characters are the property of their respective creators.

The Fourth Reich, Genocide, American Hero, Soviet Superwoman (and now Valkyrie) & the story are all my property and creations.

None of this would be possible with out the brilliant planning, organization skills and the wonderful commissions provided by Angel Falls own :iconandrewr255:

This of course takes place in a possible future of :iconangel-fallsda:
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Geminice Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
Sh*t just got real serious, real fast man. I'll head to the next chapter.
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Very nicely done piece !
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but if you change the past the current you will never exsist to go back in time and change the past. so that past won't change so the current you will exist ect.
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Trying to explain time-travel is like explaining color to one who is blind, difficult at best and impossible at worst. Better to just enjoy the ride I say.
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:bulletred:Virtus:bulletred: "You can't change the past, because you've already tried. Time travel's funny that way. At best, this timeline will continue anyway, while you manage to create an alternate universe where Maia never died and that past version of you will be happy, but the you in front of me will still be stuck with the same life, the same choices, the same consequences. Is that enough for you?

... Ok then, let's do this."
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