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R.I.P. Angel Falls, chapter 11 by Soviet-Superwoman R.I.P. Angel Falls, chapter 11 by Soviet-Superwoman
Continued from:

The Lunar surface

As the frozen metallic doors of the moonbase closed shut behind her, Olga felt a cold chill run up her spine. Despite the fact that this was the second time she had come here within a year, Eagle’s Nest was full of ghosts to the former Soviet super-soldier. Ghosts that would never truly be exorcized. It had been used by Ilsa Hauppman and her conspirators who had wrestled it away from it's master, Ultrawoman, and used it's technology along with Arachnos' to teleport their deadly explosives into the heart of Angel Falls. Before that it had been used by Ultrawoman herself as a base of operations from which she launched many an assault against Earth and it's defenders over a number of years. Now the facilities lay dormant and quiet as the grave. The silence about the place was unnatural. Most of the equipment was dark and mute now, its purpose no longer relevant.

Olga half expected the automated defense grid to suddenly hum to life and open fire with a blistering barrage of laser fire as she had approached the massive airlock doors. Everything about this place made her feel apprehensive about returning. The doors mag-locked themselves behind her with a thundering click, followed by a harsh beeping sound. There was a soft hiss and as the air pressure rose she felt it press against her skin. A door opened on the opposite side of the large airlock revealing an illuminated hallway that led only in one direction. Olga took a deep breath and walked slowly down that same path, letting her cape billow behind her. Clicking footsteps echoed towards her from the direction she was heading, telling her that her host was in route to receive her. The raven-haired woman adjusted her red visor and hastened to meet her.

Vyr-Na smiled warmly as she approached the Russian woman.

"Hello Olga. I'm glad you decided to come." she said in a quiet, inviting tone.

Vyr-Na was still a breathtaking woman with long, blonde hair and piercing green eyes. The years had been kind to the Velorian woman and yet she still had an aura of deep sadness and grief about her. Despite the fact that she still wore her original colors, Vyr-Na had stopped using the title Ultrawoman and had not returned to Earth in almost a year now. Several days after the horrific attack on Angel Falls, Olga had all but stumbled upon the trapped villainess while smashing the rest of Genocide's operations. Ilsa Hauppman had managed to do what none of the world's law-enforcement had been unable to: capture and cage the most dangerous threat the world had ever known.

Ultrawoman was dying when Olga found her, locked away in a deadly gilded cage, deprived of food and water. The Soviet Superwoman had to make a choice right there. Did she let this woman live? A woman who had time and time again tried to conquer the planet and impose her own twisted ideas of order? A woman who had once worked with the Nazis? A woman who had tried to murder she and Walkiria both with her bare hands, laughing as she did so? In the end Olga did what was right and dragged the Velorian out of the killing chamber Ilsa had erected for her.

As she recovered it was obvious that her time in captivity had taken it’s toll on the woman. Ultrawoman, the most powerful being in the world, had been humiliated and bested by someone she had gravely underestimated and considered nothing more than a junkie with delusions of grandeur. A sociopath that made Hitler seem sane.

She had been betrayed by Dark-Star, her lover and most trusted confidant and lieutenant. Now she was being rescued by one of the women she hated most in the world and she could not understand why. Vyr-Na couldn't comprehend why Olga spared her life. It would have been just as easy to look the other way, close the door and let Ilsa's golden death claim her. Would she have done the same were she in Olga's shoes? Then the Soviet Superwoman informed her of what had happened in the past few days. Dark-Star was dead, along with Hotrod and War-Cat. Everyone she cared anything about was gone forever. Even her worst enemy, Walkiria, had been taken from her. In a single evening she and Olga had both had their worlds ripped from them, left with nothing but ashes to dine on.

Olga had gone to Paris after assuming a new heroine name and set herself up as a more violent version of the woman she once was. Ultra had retreated into the harsh moonscape. The game no longer seemed entertaining. There was no longer an audience, nor had she any lovers to enjoy it with. There were no worthy opponents to clash swords against in brilliant displays of battlefield prowess. Ilsa had destroyed or dismantled almost everything she had spent decades building: from her moonbase to the PIT. All around her were ever-increasingly angry humans who pointed angry fingers at the Meta and the alien. A new breed of Vigilante hero had risen who killed first never bothering to ask questions.

What was left was a world that Ultrawoman no longer wished to rule and Vyr-Na no longer wished to take part in. She retreated into solitude and seclusion, watching the world from afar. Watching Olga with interest. The Soviet woman had somehow absorbed a great deal of powers and energy from her fallen mate. Gone was the principled woman that Ultrawoman had rushed to battle against so many times in the past. The Soviet Valkyrie had risen from the smoldering ashes and taken her place. Olga had more in common with her missing foe American Hero than the heroine she had once been; protecting the City of Lights with a ruthless, bloody streak. The people loved and feared her, and to Vyr-Na's eyes, it seemed not to matter to Olga what the mundanes thought of her. It was then that she had reached out to her former Russian foe.

The first time, Olga had come to Eagle’s Nest expecting a fight. Vyr-Na met her and explained her intentions. Both of them had lost so very much. Both of them were in so much pain and grief. Ultra had locked herself away from the world and Olga had locked out her heart, turning it to stone. They were more alike then either of them would ever admit now.

Vyr-Na explained how she was now alone. Completely and totally alone. As an extraterrestrial she had no genetic ties to the Earth below them, and with the deaths of Hotrod, WarCat and Dark Star no emotional ties either. Olga felt something inside her resonate with the realization that in this they were so very much alike. This Earth being an alternate version of her own and Maia’s death made for an unsettling parallel.

Ultra needed someone to make her feel alive again and she explained to Olga that the Russian needed someone to make her care again. Walkiria had always managed to pull her wife away from the brink. The compassionate fiery red-head had even stopped her from killing Ultrawoman once. Vyr-Na explained that she could be that person for Olga now.

“You will never love me,” the Velorian admitted, “and I have no expectations in that regard. But we both are missing something that the other can provide. We can accept that neither of us will be whole again, but perhaps together we can be less broken.”

“What am I missing that YOU could provide?” Olga asked skeptically.

“Perspective,” Ultrawoman replied. “I have been watching you of late with, and this came as a shock to me as well, interest. The path you are on now is one I have walked ahead of you and it is treacherous. I can tell you from experience that you never know how slippery the slope was, until you have already lost you’re footing.”

“That is the what. Now why?” the Russian queried.

“One reason is that you saved my life last year. You had a choice and you chose to let me live.” Ultrawoman then went on to explain how much she respected the former Soviet soldier for her bravery, her adherence to her values and acknowledged that perhaps there was some variant of the Stockholm syndrome at work here. Both women broke down that evening and cried in each others arms before making love.

In the morning Olga had left, confused and ashamed of herself. Still. The two former enemies had kept in touch from time to time, but this was only the second time that Vyr-Na had expressed that they meet.

"Hello Vyr-Na." Olga replied in return, "you're looking good."

"Thank you. I'm glad you decided to come see me."

"What is it that you need Ultra?" Soviet Valkyrie said matter of factly. "I have a great deal of matters that require my attention in Paris. The Emerald Spider is attempting to traffic..."

"Olga, I've seen what you've been doing” the blonde interrupted. “Throwing yourself into your work, never taking any time off. You are going to burn yourself out."

"Super-criminals don't take vacations Vyr-Na." Olga said flatly.

Ultrawoman wet her lips and looked deep into her eyes. "Olga you have the entire French criminal network scared stiff, along with a great deal of it's government."

"I haven't killed anyone."

"No..." Vyr-Na began, "but Walkiria would not have wanted to see you like this. You nev..."

Olga lashed out and slammed the blonde woman up against a great window that looked out over the Earth. There was no real force behind her blow, but Ultrawoman was taken aback by the ferocity behind her eyes.

"Do not ever tell me what Maia would or would not have approved of! She certainly would not have approved of my fucking you." Olga sneered.

Ultrawoman met her gaze and matched it with one of her own. "You don't want to hear it because it's the truth! What did I promise you last time we met? I promised you I’d watch the road ahead of you and warn you if I saw a curve ahead. You've changed Olga. I don't care if you fucking kill those scumbags or not, or have you forgotten who I am? I'm telling you this because I don't want to lose you like I’ve lost everyone else. The road you are on will destroy you. It will be the end of you. Perhaps that’s what you want? Is the burden of being alone getting to be too much so you are taking this self destructive course? You don't have to shut everyone out and go through this alone."

"You only want me to stay here with you."

Vyr-Na nodded. "It's true. I would love for you to stay with me. I’d have someone I can hold and make love to that won't break in my grip. I’d have someone to simply talk with! I have many reasons and most of them are petty and selfish.

“It’s not my responsibility to fill the fucking hole in your life Vyr-Na. Why would you think I’d be interested?”

“Because when I asked you to come here, you came,” the blonde replied slowly moving closer. “You came all the way to the moon. Why would you do that if there wasn’t something that you need here?”

Olga hesitated, her mind reeling. Before she could think of a reply, Vyr-Na’s lips were gently pressing against her own. The Russian’s heart skipped a beat, and she tensed for a moment. The Velorian kissed her harder, and Olga found herself kissing the retired villainess back, as she felt Ultrawoman’s hand sliding down the small of her back and squeezing her ass.

To be continued...


This amazingly sexy image of two former enemies as crafted by the skilled hands of :iconneobabylon:

Also a tremendous thanks to :iconu1trawoman:, creator and owner of Ultrawoman, for helping to edit and add her own personal touch to the story as only she can.

The much-mentioned Walkiria, Dark-Star and War-Cat belong to :iconteri-minx: and are her property.

Hotrod is the property and creation of, well, :iconhotrod5:

All other mentioned Angel Falls characters are the property of their respective creators.

The Fourth Reich, Genocide, American Hero, Soviet Superwoman (and now Valkyrie) & the story are all my property and creations.

None of this would be possible with out the brilliant planning, organization skills and the wonderful commissions provided by Angel Falls own :iconandrewr255:

This of course takes place in a possible future of :iconangel-fallsda:
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