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November 18, 2013
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Looking Towards the Future by Soviet-Superwoman Looking Towards the Future by Soviet-Superwoman
This is another amazing gift I received today, created and passed along with a lot of sage advice by my friend :iconkaimetsuo:. As many of you know, the holidays are particularly rough time of year for me: being poor and in retail, along with having a teenage son, makes this a time when I feel like I let loved ones down with my lack of money to get gifts, get overwhelmed at work and see so many people so much happier and getting their kids everything they want for the holidays. It's depressing and I hope I haven't been making everyone else feel bad with Humpdays, which also has been emotional writing (though I hope upon hope everyone is enjoying it!). :iconkaimetsuo:, thank you so much for your note, inspirational words and this wonderful image. It is truly you that have inspired me. :iconbowplz:

Soviet Superwoman is my creation and property.

She can be found in the diverse and incredible world of :iconangel-fallsda:
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Her face work is the most beautiful part to me and those gorgeous eyes!! Love the detail and her skin toning is beautifully done. I really like the long hair look and how her hair just comes over her face like that is pretty sexy :D.
Love the costume texturing and color vibrancy. I kinda wish her cape had more of a cloth feel than plastic look, but gorgeously done overall.:love:
I still kinda wonder what this gorgeous brunette would look like with straight shoulder length hair???
I've tried her with long hair and it just looks...wrong to me if that makes any sense. :shrug:
Understood. just curious.Can't improve perfection, huh?
kong25 Nov 27, 2013   General Artist
do not have to Google search this..... word for this pic > [amazing]:D:
I just realized that her costume looks like the costume of "The Plutonian" from the comic book series "Irredeemable"...
I had to do a Google search having no idea who that was and I can see what you're saying in the pattern and overall scheme of it.

All I wanna say is I feel you but you'll eventually get through this.


So hang in there and cheer up.

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