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Humpdays43 by Soviet-Superwoman Humpdays43 by Soviet-Superwoman

Artwork by: :iconmegaween:


Story by: :iconandrewr255: :iconsoviet-superwoman:


Written by: :iconsoviet-superwoman:


Prior: Humpdays 42 by andrewr255


Book III: Starship Earth, SSW vs Mr. Black




Black's smirk quickly eroded from his face, like something once written in the sand and suddenly washed away with the tide.

The wheel had stopped turning.

More so, not only had it stopped turning, but the machine itself had begun to give off a foul odor. Black took a step towards it and laid his hand upon the great wheel. An oily substance, much akin to creosote came off on his fingers. Something was terribly wrong. His eyes flashed over to Olga, still bound tightly to the machine. The Russian woman was gritting her teeth, but the pain seemed to be subsiding. It was no longer breaking her down into the fuel it needed. The Fear Engine's mind raced. He looked back down at the substance and rubbed it between his long, spider-like fingers. The smell in the air was familiar...something old...

Black's eyes flew open and he took a few steps back to face the Soviet Superwoman again. He took hold of her chin roughly with his hand and leaned in close, taking in her scent. Olga watched in confusion as he stepped back away from her, once again leaning on his cane...and he began to laugh.

"What a fool I have been" he mused, shaking his head and glancing to the floor a moment before locking eyes with her again, "It all makes so much sense now. Tell me woman, were you ever exposed to cosmic radiation?"

"What?" Olga asked, genuinely perplexed by his question and the sudden turn of events.

"Do not toy with me!" The Fear Engine snarled, tapping his cane angrily onto to the floor. "Were you exposed to radiation, as a child, when you were growing up? Did you experience anything strange when you were younger?"

"Nyet." Olga answered truthfully. The former Russian soldier struggled against her bounds, but despite the fact that the pain was ebbing she found she was still unable to free herself from the machine. She was far too weak and the machine still held her fast, despite the odd smells emanating from it and it's lack of operation.

"Then your parents perhaps? Did anything odd happen to them?"

The Soviet Superwoman stared at him. To go from his mad scheme of breaking down her body into some kind of fuel to power his machinery to this odd line of questioning was bizarre. The wheel has stopped turning and the machine seemed to be malfunctioning. Black must have been trying to ascertain why. Perhaps if she kept him talking she could manage to regain enough of her strength to break free from her prison. Escape and bring the rest of the Guardians back to wherever she was being held. Taking on Black in his lair, surrounded by his agents like the Siege would be akin to suicide. Part of her was also curious what he was talking about in regards to her childhood.

Olga had to think for a moment before answering "Da, they did experience something odd...they were present at the Tunguska blast in 1908."

"They both were present at the incident?"


"And are you their only child?"


"The oldest then?" Black snapped impatiently.

"Da." Olga answered back with equal malice, continuing to strain against her bindings.

Without warning Black threw his head back and laughed. It was a cold, alien sound from what Olga would have considered laughter. "Of course! There was no possible way you were completely a product of the practically prehistoric barbarism of Soviet science. A nation that had purged most of it's greatest scientific minds could never have developed a formula so potent...but if such a super-soldier formula was exposed to someone with your genetics, someone with that specific radiation already in their cells..."

"What are you saying?" Olga growled at him, still quickly working to free her hand from the device.

"I am saying that I now understand why someone as clever as Ilsa Hauppman has never been able to replicate your powers. Why the United States, with all it's resources and scientific minds, could only produce a highly inferior super-soldier in that Prodigy woman. You have something in you that cannot be replicated. The formula worked on you in a way that would never have worked on any other living being on your world, or this one. Against all odds, you have a combination within you that will never be duplicated. You are unique as a snowflake...and unfortunately you are also completely useless to me. Your essence is already tainted by one far, far older than I. Already you have had a damaging effect on my machinery that I fear may be fatal. Your genetic make-up is a deadly toxin to it."

It was true. Large holes were already beginning to show through the great wheel. Parts of the machinery were crumbling to the floor all around her in a thick, black soot that reminded Olga of rust. Her bounds were becoming weaker with each passing second. Despite the pain and weakness she was still recovering from, she began to redouble her efforts to free herself. Ransack Rick suddenly burst into the room. The look on his face was grim.

"Boss, we have problems! That Walkiria chick is here!"

"What? Impossible. No-one knows of this location!" Black sneered at his servant, making the larger man shrink away from him.

"I don't know boss, but she's here and she's already trashing her way inside. Maybe this one communicated with her somehow! Maybe it's something we missed!"

"I don't miss anything Rick." The Fear Engine bared his teeth in malice.

"You missed my genetic make-up Black and when I get free it will cost you everything!" The Soviet Superwoman shouted, ripping one of her arms free with tremendous effort.

Black pointed at Olga without turning to face her. "Rick, kill this problem. She is still weak from the unspooling process and not at full strength. Do it before the other one finds her, alive in any event. I am taking my leave from here. In spite of today's setbacks, I have no desire to take on the Guardians. Where there is one there is usually more."

"Of course boss." Rick replied, cracking his massive knuckles in his hands. "I'll make her scream for you."

"Do what you need to but do not take your time. Kill her quickly and I will contact you with where to find me." Black barked as he walked past the brutish man. "Do not fail me again Rick."

Ransack cocked his head, watching as Black made his escape from the facility. "Looks like alone time for you and me darlin'." he said returning his gaze to the muscular woman as she pried herself free from the machinery. The powerfully built man took a few slow steps towards her, nothing but smiles. Olga looked up from her prying and her eyes flashed red. Twin lasers streaked their way towards the thug, but he dove to the side, just under the blasts. He came up quickly from a roll and a fist the size of a frozen turkey smashed into the side of her head hard.

"Too predicable sweet-cheeks!" Rick bellowed as he reared back and brought his left fist up into her chin, cracking her head up and to the side. He took hold of her short, black hair and delivered another blow to her face.

"Ordinarily, I'd love to use that mouth of yours for something other than punching, but the boss said time was an issue." she smiled as he connected with her nose, this time spattering his fist with blood. "Maybe if I knock enough of those teeth out, we can have a few minutes, real quick like." he winked.

The violet blast slammed into Rick's back with the force of a Mack truck. The henchman was tossed across the room like a billiard ball, crashing into the side of the disintegrating machinery.

"Like hell you will!" Walkiria stated before blasting him again. The energy struck him savagely in the side of the head and dropped him to his side. He wasn't moving, only giving off a faint, purple smoke from his body.

"Beloved!" Olga exclaimed, her eyes wide and full of joy.

"I'm here Olga, let's get you free." the green-clad amazon said, moving over towards the machine holding her in place. Both of the women employed their superhuman strengths against the bonds, shattering them easily. Maia pulled her still weakened wife from the cold grasp of the apparatus she had been trapped to.

"How did you find me?" Olga asked as they two made their way out of the chamber.

"I didn't." Maia replied. Olga's quizzed look prompted her to continue, as she knew it would. "I found a note with your spare costumes. I hadn't noticed it before today, but then I don't normally dig through your things. When you hadn't checked in with anyone or come home I grew concerned. I was checking to see if you had taken your spare costumes, like you had left on a trip perhaps...something, anything to tell me where you might be when I found it. It was dated today Olga and made out to me, and it was in your handwriting. It gave these coordinates, this location and told me that you would be in a life or death situation. It was all I needed to fly here and find you."

"I do not remember ever writing such a note..."Olga said slowly, thoroughly confused. "Maybe something the Valkyrie left?"

"Maybe, I don't know." Maia answered truthfully. "All I know is I'm glad I found you and I'm glad you're safe my love."

A pang of recognition hit the Soviet Superwoman and she nodded as the two superheroines made their way through a long, dark hallway. "Wait! Yes I do remember penning down such a note vaguely. It was a vision...something I had forgotten."

"Keep moving honey, we can talk about it later. I think this entire place has become unstable. Can you fly?"

The Soviet Superwoman's feet left the ground in response to her wife's question. Maia smiled and took to the air as well, leading her through what felt like a maze of darkness. Then, light suddenly exploded all around her. Olga had to cover her eyes for a moment it was so intense. They were outside, near the ocean. There were the smells of the salt water and of the city; cigarettes, suntan lotion, hot dogs. All the smells she come to love in her adopted city of Angel Falls. When she opened her blue sapphire eyes, they were met by the dazzling emerald ones of her wife. Olga took a hold of her with both arms and held her in a tight embrace that Maia responded with. Their lips met and it was several moments before they tore themselves away from each other.

"Do you think perhaps we are due for a break now my возлюбленная?" Olga said quietly, caressing Maia's cheek with her hand.

"I think the others can watch out for the city for a little while. Black's operations have been shut done for the moment. We've earned a vacation." Walkiria replied, placing another gentle kiss on her wife's lips.

"Anywhere you would like to go?"

Maia smiled, flashing her perfect teeth. "Well now that you mention it..."


End of Book III: Starship Earth, SSW vs Mr. Black

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For more on Olga's origins: Origin Part 1 by Teri-Minx & Origin Part 2 by Teri-Minx & of course Origins, part 1 by Soviet-Superwoman

And here is the story where Olga wrote that note that ultimately saved her life: Humpdays 15 by Soviet-Superwoman

The following characters were used with permission:

:iconsoviet-superwoman: owns The Soviet Superwoman & Ilsa Hauppman.
:iconrolandgrey: owns Mr. Black, the Steel Countess and Ransack Rick.
:iconteri-minx: owns Walkiria.

This story takes place in the :iconangel-fallsda: universe.
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S-O-G-A Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Absolutely love this one.
Feredrone Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Ha, well personally I'm actually really pleased that the this was resolved by a note from quasi-ominipotent!Olga. Apart from being a rather clever way to tie into the Humpday title, it's also nice to see that Olga did actually choose to take advantage of it in at least one way after all. I've already ranted quite a bit on that whole situation, but my appreciation is fairly significant too :)
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Tunguska.. soooo.
Whaaat? Jane's not as powerful as SSW? 
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner May 8, 2014
Still a possibility. Jane is an an amalgam of them both, so perhaps so has potential that even Black is unaware of.
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This a real happy ending this time. Right?
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