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Humpdays 33 by Soviet-Superwoman Humpdays 33 by Soviet-Superwoman

Artwork by: :iconbakart:


Story by: :iconandrewr255: :iconsoviet-superwoman:


Written by: :iconsoviet-superwoman:


Prior: Humpdays 32 by Soviet-Superwoman

Continued: Humpdays 34 by Soviet-Superwoman


Book II: Seeing Reds, SSW vs. Walkiria



Maia could tell Olga was uncomfortable as they crossed the splendor that was Georgievsky Hall in the Grand Kremlin Palace. It was the way she looked down at the floor in the face of all the familiar splendor around her, the way her shoulders were tensed. Names of great warriors who deserved a special honor, the Order of St. George, with their heroic deeds were engraved on the walls, special marble boards and supporting slopes of this majestic hall. Gathered beyond were delegates from the Russian government and military as well as the press. They had already been debriefed by both the United States, British and Russians regarding the matter of the satellite, Ilsa Hauppman and the rogue elements within Russia itself but now they needed to make a statement to the press and the public. To say this had become an international incident was a major understatement. Polygirl, working with the other Guardians and Technomancer had managed to neutralize and remove the nanites infecting both of their bodies. It could not however remove a great deal of the tension between the two superheroes. The stress of the entirety of it all was etched on Olga's face as she made her way slowly forward. Walkiria glanced over at her and took her hand, stopping her momentarily.

"Olga, we'll get through this." Maia said in her most reassuring voice.

The Soviet heroine shook her head slowly. "I do not doubt it my love, but the fact remains that I was a fool...I was played like a piano...I hurt you...I almost caused a global catastrophe."

Maia stopped and reached over, putting a firm hand on Olga's rock-hard shoulder muscle. "We both did things...said things we didn't mean to, things that we kept bottled up deep within our subconscious. Ilsa's technology twisted our feelings and caused us to spew it all forth at each other, but you didn't cause anything. Those men and women gathered on that ship caused it. General Tupelov caused it. Ilsa caused it. The only thing you are guilty of is wanting to be accepted."

Olga nodded in understanding, wiping a tear away from her blue, sapphire eyes. Maia smiled and leaned in to kiss her forehead.

"I'm here for you, beside you always my love. We'll endure through this. The difficult part will be the press conference in England."

The black haired woman tried to stifle a chuckle and nodded up and down more furiously. "Yes, that will be much worst than this."

"I'm sorry for what I said about your people...about Russians not able to be trusted Olga. of you proved that I was wrong. I trust you with my life my love."

Olga looked up, running her gloved hand gently across her pale cheek. "I forgive you Maia, if you can forgive me for being so damned naive and not putting my trust in you and what you were trying to tell me all along."

"Of course I forgive you my love. Now let's go get this over with."

The two women resumed their footsteps until they reached the end of the hall. Two men stationed on each side of the great golden doors pulled them open to the crowd gathered on the other side. Flashes popped from all around the room as photographers snapped images of the two iconic heroes entrance. Seated government officials lined one side of a small podium as well as a showing from the many branches of the Russian military. Reporters from multiple news agencies, both Russian and foreign gathered around the front of the microphone in a semi-circle. All eyes were cast upon the two women. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was here, as was Defense Minister Shoygu. The Soviet Superwoman swallowed hard and walked solemnly over to the podium, adjusting the microphone to her height. She looked out over the crowd as they stared at her and for a moment, forgot completely what it was she was going to say. Maia was suddenly alongside her and gently took a firm hold of her hand. The super-soldier cleared her voice and began.

"This past week, a small group of men and women sought to overthrow the government here in Russia by starting a global war. A war that sadly I almost brought about. My own need to return here, to Russia, to my people, was used against me and for that I am very sorry. The men behind this are all dead, unable to stand trial or out their yet unknown ringleader. Ilsa Hauppman, the international terrorist has escaped to places unknown. The beautiful monuments of Stonehenge have been damaged. A good man lost his life to put an end to it all. All of this has occurred in part due to my actions and I accept responsibility for them, in spite of the medical affliction I was suffering at the time. I accept responsibility for my past transgressions here. In my time here I have experienced the best this world has to offer. It is not a perfect world but that does not stop me from hoping for the best. I was raised on hope by my parents. I was raised in the Soviet Union and I wear the symbol proudly on my chest because I am proud of my country. I am proud of this country and of the people here. All of my actions, past and present, have been for my love of this nation and he hope that I can one day be accepted as your daughter. This is all I have to say."

The room erupted into a polite applause as Foreign Minister Lavrov stood and addressed Olga.

"I speak for the Russian Federation when I say how deeply sorry we are that you and your lovely wife were caught up in this situation. A plot within our own military to overthrow and destabilize the government has occurred and we are investigating this to the fullest. We appreciate that you have not only resolved the situation with this satellite weapon, but that you have also disrupted a potential military conflict that would have ended with millions of casualties, both here and abroad. The fact that you further have apologized for your previous incursion into Russia goes a long way to the nature of your character and what kind of a person you are. In light of these events, and on behalf of the President, I offer you a full pardon of any crimes you may have committed in Russia and extend to you a hand of friendship and greetings. May you never want for a home again and should you grow weary of the United States, we would be proud to have you serve us back home."

Another round of applause shook the large room as Olga shook the hand extended to her, doing her best not to cry as she thanked him and the Russian people. Cameras were filming and flashing all around her as she finally mended the fence with her Motherland. Maia smiled warmly, watching as a long-time dream of her wife was finally enfolding all around her.

Several other government officials moved to shake her hand, including members from the gathered military. One man in particular caught her attention in a way that suddenly sucked all the warmth from the room and caused the air to freeze in her lungs. A Russian general with the name "Kostytin" on the front of his uniform approached her with his hand outstretched. He was a tall man with formerly black hair beginning to grey at the temples. He had a thin black mustache, an impressive collection of medals and ribbons...and attached to a gold chain around his neck a small acorn hung down, hovering over his black tie. He smiled at her, meeting her blue eyes with his own emerald green ones.

"Starshina Yezhov, thank you for your service." he said in a genuine-sounding voice.

The Soviet Superwoman managed to make the facsimile of a smile and took his hand into hers. "Thank you General." she replied. The man nodded, continuing to smile as he made his way past her, another military man moving to take his place and shake her hand. As she did, almost robotically, her eyes never left General Kostytin as he shook hands with Walkiria. Olga waited, shaking hands with several other officials until she was face to face with Defense Minister Shoygu. As the older man pumped her hand happily, she leaned in and whispered to him, cutting off his praise of her.

"Defense Minister, the man who killed off the insurgents...the man who controls Koschei the Deathless and sought out Genocide..."

"We will catch whomever else is responsible for this sit..." was all he managed to interrupt her with before she cut him off.

"He is here Minister. I just shook hands with him."

Shoygu stiffened and began to look around as Olga continued to shake his hand and do her best to smile. "It is General Kostytin."

The Defense Minister's face bunched up for a moment. "Are you certain?" he whispered back conspiratorially.

"Nyet, but he fits the description of the ringleader, down to his particular choice in jewelry. It is more than a gut feeling Comrade Minister, you must believe me. He is a highly dangerous man."

The two Russians posed for what could have been an awkward photograph had they both not smiled wide at the last moment. Shoygu straightened his suit jacket and whispered to her again. "I will take care of him after the conference, quietly and without a scene. Thank you once again for bringing this matter to my full attention."

Olga nodded, continuing to smile as the Minister made his way past her to shake hands with her lovely wife. The former farm-girl stole another glance at the the military man with the dark hair as he chatted with several other high ranking officers. So unassuming in a gathering of his peers, Olga began to wonder if perhaps she was wrong about him. her heart she knew this man was the one who had orchestrated everything from the safety of his rank and privilege. Her hands clenched. She wanted to go over and take hold of him, make him pay for all the death and suffering he had caused. Make him pay for all the pain he had physically and emotionally caused her over these many years. Olga fought her emotions down and looked away. The Defense Minister would take care of him. There was nowhere he could run and nowhere he could hide. It was finally going to be over. When she looked back over, Maia was watching her, trying to figure out exactly what was going on with her spouse. Olga smiled back at her to reassure it it was going to be fine now.

It would finally be over.

To be continued...


Soviet Superwoman, Kostytin, & Genocide are my creations and property.


 The ravishing Walkiria is the property and creation of :iconteri-minx:


This story takes place in the :iconangel-fallsda: universe.

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Poison - Icon by hotrod5:iconsaysplz: Pardoned for all your crimes?! What a backwards country Russia is. I do agree with you on one thing, you are a fool. :D


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