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May 15, 2013
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Glimpses of Another World by Soviet-Superwoman Glimpses of Another World by Soviet-Superwoman
This story is completely a "What If" scenario and is not considered canon.

Inspiration from:

What-if continuity continued in place of:


In a world that has moved away …

Olga Yezhov woke up as a blade of light filtered through the panoramic window and played across her face. Brushing her hair to the side, the Russian amazon looked across the queen sized bed to the sleeping shape of her lover. In a world of wonders like this, she still remained the greatest of all.

Trying to be as silent as possible, Olga slipped out of the bed and wrapped one of the bedsheets around her massive form. She walked to the window and – like every other morning since she moved to the top of the Aerie – she couldn't help but marvel at the view. As usual the sky was of that clear blue that no other part of the world could enjoy. Little dark dots flew between the tall spikes of bright chrome and luscious green in the distance as the people of Ultropolis – once known as Angel Falls – started their daily routines. It was like a dream come true. The perfect city dreamed by the utopists, a mixture of technology and nature, past and future, human and superhuman.

Lost in contemplation Olga was quite surprised when she felt the invulnerable curves of her lover pressing against her back. “Admiring your handiwork once again, I see.” she whispered into the Russian's ear.

Olga turned and looked at her straight in the eyes, those burning green eyes, that she loved so much. “My handiwork, Возлюбленная?” Olga replied, “I thought this was actually yours. I'm not just one of the many that helped you.”

The other was floating a couple of inches from the floor and leaned forward to bring her face close to Olga's. “Oh no, my sweet Russian titan.” her thick, red lips curved in a smile that Olga was never able to resist, “There were others, but you were never just one of many.”

Olga tossed her arms around thee neck of her lover and retorted: “I'm pretty sure that Andrea and Snowball will not like the sound of that.”

“That's their problem.” Vyr-Na responded before sensually kissing Olga.

While savoring the kiss Olga's mind couldn't help but wonder back to the day when her fate intertwined with that of the Velorian beauty.

A few years before …


The Soviet Superwoman sat on a park bench, seemingly oblivious to the downpour. Her head was drooped downwards, the rain drizzling down off her thick black hair to pool at her boots. She was completely drenched, but she didn't feel the chill of cold from the storm. Her gloved hands laid across her lap as she sat hunched over. The powerfully muscled Russian was still in her full costume and regalia with her scarlet cape fluttering over the back of the bench behind her. There was a sound of crushed gravel, Olga looked up with her pale, blue eyes. She appeared momentarily startled at the blonde woman.

She was pretty much as tall as Olga and looked equally powerful. The white and black costume made a good job at outlining her powerful muscles and curvy body. While her blonde hair was drenched and sit flat around her head, its golden color was as vibrant as ever. “How the mighty has fallen.” she said in a slightly broken Russian.
Olga's eyes narrowed as she studied her interlocutor. There was something unsettling in her, not just because how her looks. There was something more, perhaps it was the way she moved, perhaps the tone of her voice. Whatever it was it sent a thrill up the Russian superwoman's spine, she felt like they were two predators studying each other. “I'm sorry. What did you say?”

Vyr-Na moved a couple of steps closer, the gravel scrunched under her black boots. “Perhaps, my Russian isn't as good as I thought. I would need to rectify this.” she joked.
“Your Russian is fine.” Olga interjected while she felt more and more tense, “And I'm asking you again: what did you say?”

“Nothing of importance.” Vyr-Na answered dismissively, “I was just pondering on how ungrateful the people of this beautiful city are.”

“Ungrateful?” Olga asked, her eyebrows twitched with puzzlement.

“Why yes?” Ultrawoman continued with a concerned tone, while her superior sense of smell confirmed her first impression: the Russian's breath stank heavily of vodka, “You performed some selfless services to them and, yet you're here all alone, instead of being celebrated.”

“It needed to be done.” Olga answered flatly. “And I am perfectly fine. Thank you for your concern.” she lied without much conviction.

It didn't took the senses of a Supremis to see through Olga's feeble defense. Vyr-Na smiled as she evaluated the situation. The Russian was alone and vulnerable, probably very easy to manipulate, yet almost as powerful as she was – at least judging by the reports. If she played her cards right she could probably gain one incredibly useful asset for her future plans. Taking two more steps forward she sat down on the bench next to Olga. “I'm not stranger to ingratitude and loss myself.” the blonde alien sighed.

Olga slid away a bit from Vyr-Na, she was feeling stranger and stranger. She felt the need to get closer to this beauty but, at the same time, she felt edgy and uncomfortable. It was likely the effects of vodka were retreating to make way for a much stronger kind of narcotic.

Vyr-Na kept pushing, she had noticed that the other woman was getting a bit nervous and aroused. Something of an unexpected bonus. She hadn't considered that someone with Olga's apparent background would be interested in her that way. “Like you, I had to leave my home behind a long time ago and now I'm struggling to make a difference in this world. To bring forward a dream.”

“At least you can hope to go back one day.” Olga gritted her teeth.

Vyr-Na smiled as she spotted a raw nerve. “Not likely, my people will never accept me.”

“Why won't they?”

Vyr-Na sneered: “Because I don't conform to their ideal of 'purity' …” A split second later she stopped. She had never meant to say this out aloud. Then why? No, she decided it was just random impulse, a momentarily slip. She had to be in control, to be the one who controlled the game.

Meantime Olga was looking at Ultrawoman sidelong. There was something in her that she found very attractive. At first sight she had spotted just the menace in her. The confidence, the power and the smug that Ultrawoman wore like a cape. Now, Olga caught a glimpse of something else, something that she recognized, that she longed for. “Tell me more about this dream of yours.”

Vyr-Na's lips curved in a sensual smile as she stood up and faced Olga. “Right here under this water? I would much prefer to treat you to a great dinner.”
Olga stood up as well and the two superwomen took off, disappearing in the rain.

Back to the present …


The intercom of the Aerie ringed several times before the two decided to break their kiss and acknowledge its existence. With a frown Vyr-Na answered. “Yes, what is it?”

“I'm sorry Mistress.” the sarcastic voice of Kim Paler, came out of the miniature speakers hidden across the room. “But I just received reports of metahuman violence in Sector 10. It seem that our friend Mindy is trying one of her stunts again.”

Olga sighed. She considered Mindy Marvel a respected opponent, and her constant opposition to the dream that Ultropolis was very painful for Olga. “I'll handle it, Возлюбленная.” she said moving toward her closet.

“Are you sure? Mindy is hardly worthy your time and effort. I think that Nancy will be more than happy to …” the Velorian pointed out.

“Nyet.” Olga interrupted, while donning her black and white uniform, “Mindy is an intelligent person. If I talk to her she might still join us. Nancy will just make her mad.”

Vyr-Na looked at her lover with appreciation. The uniform was loosely based on her own – with a couple of nostalgic twists that Olga kept to remind herself of where she came from. “One day I will make you ditch that outdated symbol.” she chuckled while tracing the hammer and sickle over Olga's hard rock breasts.

Olga enjoyed the tickling, but quickly grabbed Ultrawoman's hand. “I hope you aren't planning to to this too soon. I like what you were doing with it.” She whispered while walking to the panoramic window, which opened responding to a hidden command. On her way out she caught a glimpse of Vyr-Na is the glass case containing the broken gas mask of Genocide – a memento of their greatest triumph together. “Don't worry, Возлюбленная, I'll be back.”

As Olga flew out of the window, Vyr-Na allowed herself a little sardonic smirk. “Oh, I know you will … I know you will … ”


This entire project was conceived and written and illustrated by my dear friend :iconwoodclaw: Thank you so much! :hug:

Soviet Superwoman is my creation and property.

Ultrawoman belongs to :iconu1trawoman:

Special thanks to :iconteri-minx: for permission to post this story. :iconbowplz:

This alternate storyline takes place in :iconangel-fallsda:
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Louisthefrench Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  New member
Hm... "Soviet superwoman?"....

where this uncommon concept is born?
Shulkie Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Awesome storyline and I love this animated style art of SSW. Vibrant colors and love the detail in her face and bodywork. She should be a member of the Justice League:love:
hotrod5 Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Soviet Superwoman teaming with Ultrawoman, I approve of this paring. :D
Twistedsavant Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
Ultrawoman is Powerful, beautiful,charming and seductive.She is also A scheming backstabbing treacherous Snake. Anyone who trusts her much less falls for her "affections" will come to a bad end. Ultrawoman is not the root of all evil but she is the most common face of it.
JamesE82 Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
Is Ultrawoman the root of all evil in the Angel Falls universe or something? I had thought of an alternate reality where--instead of Olga--the first person Connie got to know in the city was that blonde baddie. Long story short, the result of the two teaming-up was millions of people… well… getting slaughtered. :fear:

Great bit of writing to go with a fun piece of art.
Woodclaw Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, she surely makes evil look good. :P
moxiee Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I wonder if there's anybody that can beat this duo?
The art reminds me of Superman: TAS.
Woodclaw Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, that was the idea. The character editor I use for the basics is inspied to the DCAU art style.
moxiee Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
It does look like Bruce Timm's work.
Woodclaw Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That's the DCAU style.
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