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Olga meets with fellow hero and dimensional traveler General Bardak and the two discuss their battles and own private wounds.
No Unwounded Soldiers by Soviet-Superwoman Image & story

Ilsa also heads to Russia briefly on a buying trip before meeting back with her ally Mr. Black.
Buying Trip by Soviet-Superwoman Visiting the Engine of Fear by Soviet-Superwoman Images & stories

Terry Keller tries to tackle Psycho 13 by herself!
Part 1 Psycho13 vs. Keller pt. 1The boys made regular trips to Jack's Junkyard every week to make sure everything was okay.  Often, they would wind up helping Jack's wife, Mary, get some groceries or they would help move some more junk around the yard.  Pearl was busy making the new garage operational.  She needed a new lift, so she was making the money with minor body work and engine repairs.
She and Matt cleared things up shortly.  It turned out that her father was wrong.  She did have a crush on one of the boys, but it was really Daren she was interested in.  They were about the same age and she liked his deep brown eyes and rugged face.  She also liked his laid back attitude and simple approach to life.  She just didn't know how to talk to him about it, since he didn't seem to show much interest in her.
Figuring they'd burn that bridge when they got to it, Mattock continued working with her.  As a result, he often wasn't abl
Part 2 Psycho13 vs. Keller pt. 2Levi didn't say much to Jerry on their way to Lucy's hideout.  After two buses and a mile-long walk, he sighed when they reached the same abandoned store that Jerry had first led him to all those many months ago.  Despite the danger they were in, they were still clinging to the blasted hole that they called home.
"I made a mistake," he growled once inside, before any introductions could be made, "I thought maybe, maybe if I insulted you just right, you would see what kind of shithole you'd dug yourself into and start working to pull yourself out of it!"
"Who the fuck do you think you are!?" Lucy shouted, "Who the fuck is this!?"
"Hi!" Bioserj said happily, "I'm Serj.  I'm just here to observe."
"I'm Psycho Thirteen!" Levi shouted, "I have seen how bad life can get…  And worse.  If you don't learn to stand on your own, you're just going to keep being shit on the rest of your life!"
"You did this to us!" Lucy shouted back, "Yo
Part 3 Psycho13 vs. Keller p. 3"Okay, Sheldon…  Bring up Digital Model F-One…"
Kipland Durj wasn't what one would expect a hero to be.  He was short, obstinate, and had one of those annoying, high-toned voices you expected a borderline psychotic to possess.  He'd spent his entire life, however, battling for other little guys like him.  This meant he was built like a pitbull.  He was also Randall Grey's second-in-command for a reason, and that was because he really knew what he was doing when it came to heroics.
Kipland's voice stops echoing off the steel walls as the wire-frame hologram coalesces into form.  They stood on the device that Sheldon simply referred to as the Grid.  In it, he was able to manufacture replicas of the various foes that had been discovered in New England, both those who worked for criminal or terrorist organizations or those few specific ones who had been established as armies unto themselves.  There we
Part 4 Psycho13 vs. Keller EpilogueWarehouse 23-B.  It was the only place Psycho13 knew for sure was a hub of activity for the Fourth Reich.  Last time he was here, he had his brother for backup, and the two had caused a bit of a ruckus.  That same ruckus had led to that big woman he just fought and that psychopathic cyborg who blew him up at the Crimson Pass Memorial Cemetery.  Daren had told him there was also a sniper in the mix and James had eliminated another, heavier cyborg.
"So many nightmares made in this place," he sighed as he slowed down to jog up to the door.
He'd decided to run at super speed to the door this time.  The snipers wouldn't notice him at first, and he might be able to get a word in edgewise before he was gunned down.
He knocked on the door and waited for a minute.  He could hear the sounds of heavy machinery working inside.  He knocked again and looked about the rooftops of the neighboring buildings and warehouses. 

The Crimson Conservative and Soviet Superwoman have a violent reunion thanks to the interference of the Fourth Reich.
Part 1 Rematch, part one by Soviet-Superwoman Part 2 Rematch, part two by Soviet-Superwoman Part 3 Rematch, part 3 by Soviet-Superwoman

Helena Koch is rebuilt and repaired by the Fourth Reich
Poor, Poor Ms. KochWhen Jessica roused Richard Henderson from his slumber, he was surprised.  Normally, the girl was far too bashful to interrupt his sleep.  He'd had a feeling for some time now that the girl was developing an unexpected affection for him.
Now she was frantically shaking him to wake him.  There was an alarm sounding throughout the rest of Warehouse 23-B.  He could barely hear it because of the sound dampening installed in his quarters.
"What is it girl?" he groaned as he rolled over and pushed himself into a sitting position, "Is somebody attacking?"
"No, Doctor," she replied, "There's trouble that we desperately need your help with."
"Let me get dressed, then, girl, and I will be right with you..."
Jessica Gottfried waited for the doctor outside his chambers, popping her cybernetic claws in and out of her wrists to pass the time.  She resisted peeking in at him.  Of all the many pleasures she simply took for herself, this was o

The villainess Kim Paler has made a deal with the Fourth Reich so FireBrandi and Soviet Superwoman team up to hamper their plans.
Part 1 New Allies Part 1Soviet Superwoman glided quickly through the air heading for a fight.  When they took down Genocide and many of her troops not that long ago the police interrogators managed to get information on a number of bases and supply stashes.  It had been decided to set up surveillance equipment at some of those locations to try and capture even more of these criminals.  A minute ago the alert went off on one of the supply stations and Soviet Superwoman was off to catch them.
She spotted them from the air.  A non-descript truck parked by a self storage bay, and five of the Fourth Reich soldiers opening it up.  Olga quietly dropped down behind two that were on lookout, grabbed them by the head and banged them together.  As they crumpled to the ground, unconscious, a third struck Soviet Superwoman in the back of the head with the butt of her rifle.  The rifle's stock cracked under the impact.  The Russian powerhouse t
Part 2 New Allies Part 2The police were on the lookout for a truck. They were not to approach, just report spotting a truck with a large, distinctive dent in the rear and bumper. When anyone spots a potential match they are to call it in. That call is relayed to Soviet Superwoman and FireBrandi, who are flying over different parts of the city, keeping an eye out for their target.
*Truck matching description spotted, heading north on Roses Ave, passing route 2*
"Acknowledged," Soviet Superwoman responded. It was close to her position, taking only seconds to fly to the location. The truck's license plates had been changed, and it had received a new paint job, but they did not have time to fix the rather large dent Soviet Superwoman put in it the day before. "That is it. License plate is 344-BFQ, painted dark blue. Do you hear me FireBrandi?"
FB: "I hear you. Keep out of sight and see where they lead you."
She was able to follow it for three blocks. It made a turn into an alley, and then it was gone. "I've lost

Genocide makes plans with the nefarious Shelia Hauptmann.
Face to FaceThroughout the city of Angel Falls, there are many businesses in which various meetings take place.  Some are more important than others.  Some are to set up strategic decisions within a company to compete better in the marketplace, some are to introduce a new piece of software or engineering that will place the company ahead of its competitors, while still others are just a complete waste of time for everybody involved and are only called to place a false sense of worth upon the person who called the meeting.  It is highly doubtful that any of those within the city are more interesting than the meeting that is currently taking place within the confines of a seemingly abandoned warehouse on the wrong side of town.
Inside the warehouse, heavily guarded within and without, are two individuals who could not be any more different from each other yet still very much alike.  Seated on one side of a table within a sound proof room is Dr. Sheila Hauptman

Olga and her old friend the heroine FireBrandi try to have a relaxing day at the fun fair.
A Day at the Fair by Soviet-Superwoman Image & story

Claire/Grendel comes to grips with the impending marriage of her once lover.
She is Everywhere by Soviet-Superwoman Image & story

Olga and Walkiria go dress shopping and make final preparations for the big day.
Wedding: Shop 'til You Drop by Teri-Minx Image & story

The wedding of Soviet Superwoman and Walkiria!
Part 1 Wedding Day, part one by Soviet-Superwoman Part 2 Wedding Day, part two by Soviet-Superwoman Part 3 Wedding Reception, part one by Soviet-Superwoman Part 4 Wedding Reception, part two by Soviet-Superwoman
A Warning for the FutureThe reception had been going for several hours, and even Olga was beginning to get a little tired. As Maia continued her tour of the guest, thanking them for coming and exchanging pleasantries Olga slipped quietly away to catch her breath. Standing near one of the empty outer tables sipping her Champaign she gazed Maia again, revelling in her happiness. Her mind had started to wonder to what was going to happen later that evening when they finally made it to the bridal suite, when a strangely familiar Scottish voice from behind her interrupted her thoughts. "I'm glad to see that you two have finally tied the knot, the only question now is how long will it last?"
Olga spun around to face the speaker, and found herself facing a tall lean figure in military uniform. Ordinarily, she would not have recognised the full dress uniform of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, but not only did she recognise the uniform, she also instantly recognized the wearer are well. "You are the officer who was in
Reception SceneReception Scene:  Poisoned Pastor and Stolen Shoes
by JamesE82
October 15th, Isley Botanical Gardens, Eden Island...
"I'm tellin' ya, it would be great!" the Crimson Conservative said, slapping a hand on the other redhead's shoulder.
   "It, uh..." Melinda Crane said, eyes going to the enormous hand clamped onto her body.  As Melinda was also the superheroine known as Mindy Marvel, the strength of the other woman was not too disconcerting, but the sheer size of the hand distracted her for a moment.  After she had nearly gotten over it, however, something else caught her attention.  French tipped nails? Melinda asked herself, surprised that the violence-prone giantess would take the trouble to do something so overtly feminine as manicure her fingernails.  Then her eyes left the hand, and began scanning the people around her, looking for an excuse to find another guest at Olga and Maia's wedding recepti

The honeymoon of Soviet Superwoman and Walkiria! Horny!
Part 1 Honeymoon, part one by Soviet-Superwoman Part 2 Honeymoon, part two by Soviet-Superwoman Part 3 Honeymoon, part three by Soviet-Superwoman

The new American Hero, daughter of John Smith arrives in Angel Falls with plans for Olga.
Part 1 A Real American Hero, part 1 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 2 A Real American Hero, part 2 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 3 A Real American Hero, part 3 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 4 A Real American Hero, part 4 by Soviet-Superwoman
Part 5 A Real American Hero, part 5 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 6 A Real American Hero, part 6 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 7 A Real American Hero, part 7 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 8 A Real American Hero, part 8 by Soviet-Superwoman

Grendel rescues a young clairvoyant from the Fourth Reich and gets a second lease on her life.
Part 1 Dark Angel, part one by Soviet-Superwoman Part 2 Dark Angel, part two by Soviet-Superwoman Part 3 Dark Angel, part three by Soviet-Superwoman Part 4 Dark Angel, part four by Soviet-Superwoman
Part 5 Dark Angel, part five by Soviet-Superwoman Part 6 Dark Angel, part six by Soviet-Superwoman Part 7 Dark Angel, part seven by Soviet-Superwoman Part 8 Dark Angel, part eight by Soviet-Superwoman
Part 9 Dark Angel, part nine by Soviet-Superwoman Part 9b Dark Angel, part 9.5 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 10 Dark Angel, part ten by Soviet-Superwoman Part 11 Dark Angel, finale by Soviet-Superwoman

Feeling that she is weakened, the Canadian Syndicate opens up a bloody war with the Fourth Reich.
The Opening ShotThree young men, two black and one Hispanic, stood waiting on a street in a commercial section of Angel Falls. They all were wearing dark blue jackets with red maple leaves on them. The shorter black man turn to the taller one and said, "Jamahl, are you sure this is going to work."
Jamahl shrugged and replied, "The boss said it would, Mikey. That's good enough for me."
"The boss," the Hispanic man sniggered. "Man, you sound like Raging Bull."
"Ain't nothing wrong with that boy, Carlos, except for a case of extreme whiteness," Jamahl shot back. The three men broke down laughing.
They were still laughing a couple of minutes later when a young woman with blond hair and blue eyes and dressed in a paramilitary-style uniform came walking down the other side of the street. Carlos caught sight of her first and pointed her out to his companions. "Show time," he said to them, then yelled across the street. "Hey, blondie!" The woman stopped and glared at them, annoyed that they were speak to her.
Ilsa's Response by Soviet-Superwoman Image & story Faustian ContractCeara sat in a chair opposite the leader of the Fourth Reich, Ilsa Hauppman.
Surrounding them in all four corners of the small room stood her bio-enhanced
elite bodyguard, muscular and beautiful Aryan women dressed in black SS
uniforms. Each of them carried a sidearm and a blade as well as a high-tech
assault rifle low-slung over their shoulders as they stood at attention. The
succubus wasn't at all worried about any of them, despite how fanatical and
dangerous they no doubt were to normal opponents. Terry Keller, the hulking
barely-clothed giantess standing behind Hauppman did however give her pause to
consider. That and "Genocide's" own reputation on the street. A small pitcher of
water, covered with sweaty condensation sat next to her with a few glasses
up-ended and a  white-noise generating device had been set up in the center of
the small circular meeting table and switched on. Ilsa steepled her black gloved
fingers together and watched the demoness for a long time befor
The Occupant's ResponseIt was the end of the day at Angel Falls city hall and the civil employees filed out. One of them was Samuel Robert, an accountant who came to Angel Falls from Montreal. He got into his car, an older, used model not to be unexpected for someone on his salary. He drove off the city hall parking lot, but didn't head home like his co-workers. Instead, he headed to an area of the city that they would avoid. He finally parked near the Angel Falls Hotel and got out. However, in the eyes of anyone who saw him, he looked completely different. His drab accountant suit now appeared to be a well tailored black one. His neatly trimmed mustache was now longer and thinner, and he had a pair of pince-nez glasses and a top hat. He was no longer Samuel Robert, but his true self, the Occupant.
A man sitting on a nearby doorstep wearing a blue jacket with a red maple leaf on it nodded to him, and the Occupant gave him a smile and a friendly wave. He knew his car would still be there when he returned. No

Botched RaidThere are many warehouses in the docks district of Angel Falls. Most of them are legitimate enterprises, but some housed illegal operations. In one of the latter, men wearing blue jackets with red maple leaves on them were unloading a shipping container that had arrived from China, and were getting the products that it contained ready to be distributed throughout the city. Watching over their activities were two superhuman members of the Canadian Syndicate. One was the second in command of the organization, the plant that called itself the World's Wickedest Weed. The other was the superstrong enforcer Raging Bull. The young man had several stitched up cuts, a black eye, and a bandage over his broken nose, injuries recently sustained in trying to protect his boss, the Occupant, from an assassin.
As the work continued, the Weed looked over at Raging Bull and remarked, "You know, I've taken part in many schemes over the decades, but I have to say that this is the evilest." It reached into
Recripocating Regrets by Soviet-Superwoman Image & story The Hunter Becomes the Prey by Soviet-Superwoman Image & story
The Pact by Soviet-Superwoman Image & story Casting Blame by Soviet-Superwoman Image & story Reignition******Sometime in late May******
"I'm back boys, alive and well.  Did you miss me?"  Sahlia strolled confidently into the command center of her operation as everyone in there gave her a standing ovation at her safe return.  As she walked around she was giving hugs to some of the group there and shaking hands with others that knew her well enough to know that hugging her would lead to picked pockets.  After she took care of everyone she went over to the message desk in the room and grabbed all the notes that had been piling up over the last few months.  "Let's see what we have here.  I hate it when I leave for a while, all the mail…piles…up."
"Boss are you alright?"  One of the men in the room asked as they saw her hold a piece of a paper where both heads could read it at the same time.
"No.  Not really."  Sahlia replied as she leaned up against the nearby wall.  "Did you guys k

Reignition - RetaliationIt was 12 o'clock at night on the cusp of June 4th, and Samuel Robert was preparing for bed. He had a busy week, but then it always was. He had his 9-5, Monday to Friday job as an accountant in City Hall. And then he had his real job, running the Canadian Syndicate as the Occupant after he was done crunching numbers and on the weekend. Still, all the hard work paid off, and he has the millions in off-shore accounts to prove it. He lay down in bed and closed his eyes, and within moments he was asleep.
However, it lasted for only a few minutes before his eyes snapped back open. Even in rest, his powerful telepathic mind could sense "calls" from his underlings, and he had just received several at once. Several of the gang's members had gone to one of the Syndicate's bases to bed down for the night and found it trashed. The members who had been there were badly wounded and some of the merchandise that had been kept there was missing. All signs pointed to the Fourth Reich being responsible,
Reignition - Raging BullGordon Martin and Rosalind Chambers lay in bed together, naked. They had just finished making love. Rosalind was asleep, her arm draped across Gordon's narrow chest. Gordon was wide awake and staring at the ceiling. They had had sex several times in the past month, and while it had always been amazing to him, there was also something empty about. He wondered if he should feel different; after all, sex was supposed to be a life changing event. The other guys in the Canadian Syndicate congratulated him after he'd done it the first time, thumping him on the back good naturedly and saying 'You da man'. He'd accepted all that, but in truth, he didn't feel any different than before. He looked down at Rosalind, curled up next to him. He wondered if he should ask her to marry him. After all, isn't that what couples do when they're this far in a relationship?
And then another's thoughts intruded into his mind. The Occupant was sending him a message that the Fourth Reich had attacked a Canadian
The Gauntlet by Pathetic-Virgin Image & story

The Soviet Superwoman is called to a meeting with the President of the United States!
Presidential Order by Zespara Image & story

Olga is attacked by the former Soviet villain, the Voyevoda with terrifying results.
Part 1 Rise of the Warlord, part one by Soviet-Superwoman Part 2 Rise of the Warlord, part two by Soviet-Superwoman Part 3 Rise of the Warlord, part 3 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 4 Rise of the Warlord, part 4 by Soviet-Superwoman
Part 5 Rise of the Warlord, part 5 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 6 Rise of the Warlord, part 6 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 7 Rise of the Warlord, part 7 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 8 Rise of the Warlord, part 8 by Soviet-Superwoman
Part 9 Rise of the Warlord, part 9 by Soviet-Superwoman Part 10 Fall of the Warlord by Soviet-Superwoman Part 11 Rise of the Warlord, epilogue by Soviet-Superwoman
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